Friday, April 11, 2014

Bottle It

The other night we were sitting around the dining table, eating super. Gavin vigorously shoveling handfuls of food into his mouth wide open, but half of it ending up down in his bucket bib.  Then Dillan came along, as he always does and started sniffing around the high chair, hoping to find a lost piece of cheerio.  Gavin took notice an proceeded to drop food into the floor. This is something we've been working against for a while, but is a phase through which all babies go.
So, I told him a stern "no Gavin. do not drop your food into the floor. you eat it." And went along my business.
Baby kept eye contact as he picked up another bite of food and hung his arm over the tray and let go of a tine piece of food.  I, again said no.
On the third time, I pat him on his hand right after he dropped the food and said No.
I then got the most perfect upside down U-shaped frown I've ever seen. And the biggest puppy dog "i'm sorry mama" eyes I have ever ever seen. And if I wasn't already a pile of mush in the floor, Gavin picked up a bite and held it out to me to share solidifying my fate.  That boy has me.


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