Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Big Puddle

A few weeks ago, back in the middle of July, we needed a break. So we packed up the car babies and all and took a should be 8 hour car trip down to LA (lower alabama). It took us about 12 hours to finally arrive to "The Getaway", and crying baby and all it was so worth it. 

We stayed Nathan's relative's getaway home. No internet, No TV. It is adorable and has an incredible screened in porch that I never did get to enjoy because - mosquitoes - but maybe next time. 

The first morning Nathan and Holland were still sleeping when Gavin woke up. So we put on our shoes and ran outside to have a look at the view of the bay. Gavin ran outside and exclaimed "A Big Puddle Mama!" And I said Yeah buddy! that's exactly what that is a really big puddle! It amazes me how his small vocabulary still manages to create a term for everything. :)

Our view was incredible and next time we are stopping to look at some amazing sunsets. I missed an amazing one our last night there while I was nursing Holland. I could see the sky through the window and the water turning bright orange and pink as the sun sank.

We braved down to Gulf Shores on day 1.  After only experiencing Myrtle Beach growing up this was such a treat. Way fewer crowds. I slathered us all up real good and kept Holland under a UV protected tent which was by the way a major pain to tear down. Thanks Nathan for trooping for that. And the random guy on the beach who offered to help!

Gavin loved the sand / beach / water / shobles!  He still talks about it every day. Mama, the beach! did you have fun at the beach? Shobles! Nemo! Fish swimming water! 

Day 2 we went to Orange Beach instead which was a little further from us but much nicer. There were flies all over the Gulf shores beach and I got bitten several times - which is why Holland is covered with a towel in one of the pictures. Day 2 is also when I put Gavin in a muscle tank instead of his rash guard and he got a little bit pink. So day 3 we wandered the cute little town of Fairhope, AL. 

While discovering Fairhope we walked out a long pier and noticed there was a little beach right on the bay, so Day 4 we went there instead. It saved probably 45 minutes of driving time and was still pretty good. The sand there was much coarser and there was a lot of debris from the bay washing ashore. But we could still build castles!

You can see Nathan and Gavin had the sweetest time. They really did bond a lot that week. Daddy time is so fun!

Later that night we tried to get a timed family photo. We all got squirted with bug spray (I use this one for the babies). I set my camera to timer and perched it on the stairs of our neighbors (who weren't at home). They have an epic dock btw.

It's not perfect, and not really in focus, but it's just right. And after only about 10 tries!  


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