Thursday, June 26, 2014


I almost cannot believe it, but one month and 4 days ago Gavin turned 1. A whole one year old. The biggest milestone he's made so far.  Doctors would say that we're in the clear for SIDS - which was my #1 fear the first few days of his life. And he can drink whole milk! Which he does - with much gusto. In fact, anything and everything goes as far as food is concerned, but we're sticking the classics.  

A few days before the official big day, we headed to east TN for a Resolute show and invited a few close friends and family over for an afternoon party. It was nothing fancy. Just a little bbq, silly string and giant party hats. And cake - let's talk about the cake.

I splurged on the cake and went to Cootie brown's for a dreamsicle cake that was amazing. And honestly, just really nice to look at. Also - isn't the cake a little bit mostly for the parents? Right? Especially if you're not also having margaritas? Right...?

My nieces were there and we "buck bucked" at the chickens and "buzz buzzed" at the bees. We played ping pong and took turns passing around the birthday boy. 

And in the back of my mind I thought about that last year. About the trials and the joys. About how much of an adjustment it was for me.  Physically I had to take so much time to heal and then mentally too. My mind went into a dark place and it affected my work and my relationships. About how much joy and pride I took in my son. I've taught him things. He clings to me and I truly can't ever get enough of it. Slowly over this first year of his, I became more and more perfectly his mama. 

Because I love the ideas of writing down your child's favorites every year, here are his:

Gavin: Age 1

favorite song: the theme to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Apples and Bananas

favorite toy: Balls! All the balls!

favorite person: mama ;)

favorite foods: Cheerios, bananas, squeeze pouches, and Hot Dogs!

words he knows: Buff (for Dillan), Ball, Duck, Boing, DaDa, Vroom, Boom (when he gives high fives), Bye-bye, Shoes

favorite book: Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See?

Bed Time: 7:30 ish til 7:30ish am (Hallelujah!)

Learning how to walk but still needs both hands held

Wearing 18mo clothes and size 3 shoes - apparently he has bitty feet. 

maybe my favorite photo ever.


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