Monday, July 11, 2016

An outfit for much cooler times

Do you live in Nashville? Tennessee? Midwest? Yes? Okay, you know it's hot here. and humid. The humidity is what will get ya. Every single time. So let's talk about what I will wear in cooler times. They're not too far away. I know we're stuck in the smack dab middle of summer, but we can pretend, fantasize about those lovely fall days ahead. 

I purchased this top off Poshmark. Which is my latest addiction. After watching, The True Cost documentary, I think still available on Netflix, I felt very convicted to make wise clothing choices. I'm still battling this - do I buy cheap fast-fashion clothing to keep people in the jobs that they do have regardless of unfair wage, working conditions, etc. because it "helps their economy" or do I buy used items or items with a guarantee of being fair-waged and safe working conditions and sustainable. I went with the latter. 

So back to Poshmark... Make a closet and sell your stuff. See other closets and buy their stuff - using money you have or credits from selling your stuff. yay! The greatest part, well one, is that you can find those items that you wanted so long ago (like 4 years people) but didn't buy. Example: 5 years ago when Madewell was just becoming cool they had this awesome sweater. And I pinned it, never bought it. Oh well. Fast Forward Four Years... There it is, right there on Poshmark for $20. Sold. 

Deets:  Top: Anthropologie original, via Poshmark. Leggings: Banana Republic. Socks: gifted. Boots: DSW last season.

Interested? Use code PDELD for a credit. 


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