Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No Title

I'm not sure how to begin, I'm not sure how to title this post. 

Two weeks ago a friend was over giving Dillan the rubs he so enjoys when she noticed that his lymph nodes felt enlarged under his ears. Now that she had pointed it out, we could tell that they were swollen, so I called the vet and got him in the next day. Turns out the years of neglecting his teeth had resulted in an infection in his mouth - which should have explained the enlarged lymphs. Just fighting an infection. But the vet wanted to sample it anyway. 

Over the next week we noticed Dillan's energy levels sinking. He wasn't jumping up and down with excitement when we grabbed his leash. he wasn't begin for pets as much. He spent more time in the floor than in his beloved chair or on the couch. In the words of our neighbor, "he's not quite himself."

We got the official news on Friday afternoon. Dillan has lymphoma and in multiple nodes meaning at least stage 3. Over the course of the weekend he developed edema of his back legs and a large bruise on his whole stomach. He's declining quickly. He even surprised our vet today when we brought him in. I would guess it's definitely stage 4 now and possibly 5.

We're keeping him comfortable and giving him lots of pets and rubs. He's such a good dog. I know he's not a person. But he is special. We appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers as we prepare to say goodbye to our much loved boof.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Stitch Fix Review

Holland is most content strapped to me. She doesn't like her carseat much, and while I'm hoping that she grows to love it, for now I'll keep wrapping her into my chest. I really love baby wearing but it makes shopping next to impossible. I mean sure I could continually wrap and unwrap in stores, but where do I put the baby? On the floor? ew - no. So, I signed up for a stitch Fix. A subscription service that pairs you with a stylist who then sends you 5 items as often as you request it. Here's what I got this month.

First item: Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top:
I was not a fan of this for several reasons. The Dolman sleeve is just not my thing. This sweater was very long. Not flattering. And finally, it's a sweater and Nashville from May-September is not just hot, but humid. Pass.

Second / Third Item: Black Knit Pant and Space Dye Open Cardigan

This was closer. But I may as well have been wearing leggings. Again with the heavy things during summer. Pants had to be cuffed and I just didn't feel like I would ever buy a cardigan like this. But - I did ask for nursing-friendly items and my stylist was really sensitive to that. Pass and Pass.

Fourth Item: Button Down Blouse

Winner Winner. Loved this sleeveless blouse. Works for work and the weekend. Easy to nurse. Fits great across the chest - which is challenging right now - and I think will continue to fit great after Holland is weaned. Keeper!

Fifth Item: Gold Earrings

These were really lovely and nailed what I would buy myself, but I didn't keep them because I just didn't want to spend the money this time.


It is as awkward as you can imagine to take photos of yourself and getting the focus right is hard. #thingstoimproveupon

Nathan commented that they just sent what was fashionable right now, but I'm holding out that as more and more happen my stylist will start #nailing my style. 

You can schedule to get them as often as you'd like. Right now mine arrive every month.

I selected the "as cheap as I can get it" price option but felt like the items were still kind of high. nathan thought they were normal. However - there is a $20 stylist fee for every box that is removed from your total of items kept. So a shirt that is listed as $40 is $20 - but you still pay $40 because there's a $20 styling fee. Make sense?

If you'd like to give it a try - use my referral! link below:


Monday, May 18, 2015

From the Weekend

Our weekends are when we spend the most time and the most quality time together. It's also the time I scroll most. Here are some pics from the weekend and some links to some things. Take that description!

We went down to Franklin to the Touch-A-Truck event to touch some trucks with Gavin. He was more than overwhelmed. Not much touching, or sitting, or honking occurred in the first 30 minutes. Just too much to see. Finally he warmed up when we got to the police car. 
"Gavin, do you want to sit in the police car?" "uh-huh". Okay buddy.

In other news...

I finished season 3 of The West Wing on Netflix and Aaron Sorkin is a punk. When will CJ find happiness???  Or Josh, Or Leo, Or Donna, Or Sam, Or Toby...

I received my first Stitch Fix on Saturday and am working on a review.

Gavin turns 2, two, TWO,  on Friday. He's too grown up.

I read this article with great interest and admit that while in the ER a few months ago I paused an watched Thomas because there just wasn't anything else on.

John Oliver NAILED IT

JENI'S  opens back up on Friday. But my ice-cream game has been pretty on fleek lately. 

Also - how to know if you're using "on fleek" correctly! I honestly have no idea if I am...

These Tacos look super delicious.

Now I'll never get into any of these places.  But they will stay on my list forever then.

Finally, Happy Monday

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Lunchtime Fav

Being at home everyday doesn't exactly make it easy to eat healthy. Being at home all day actually makes it super easy to snack. It also doesn't help that the husband bought a huge tub of cheese balls last weekend along with my requested double stuff'd oreos. (those have been gone since monday...)

Anyway, I found an easy lunch that makes me feel like I'm eating a somewhat nutritious meal and is super tasty.

Oh, and it's super easy too.

   - sweet potato tortilla chips (the Food Should Taste Good brand is best)
   - drained and rinsed black beans (one can gets me 3-4 nachos trays)
   - pico de gallo (or any salsa)
   - cheese!

   - Layer sweet potato chips, black beans and salsa in a pie dish.
   - Cover with desired amount of shredded cheese
   - Broil under a close eye.
     My broiler works very fast - takes about 30 seconds for the cheese to melt so keep checking on your nachos.

Slide the nachos out onto a plate. Side with sour cream if you're bad ;)

Pro-tip: make your own salsa with red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber!


Thursday, May 7, 2015


Yesterday was Holland's two month check up and therefore her first round of vaccines.  These shots are the worst. Babies are just too small and helpless to understand any amount of pain and she does not do pain. She once slipped my grip a little while I brought her up for a burp session and her head bumped into my shoulder. Oh my, she screamed. So you can imagine what 3 needles in her getting chubbier little legs would do.

These shots also make babies so sleepy. The doctor of course got on me about the tummy time - 1 hour a day! - but that was impossible yesterday. Sleep - wake up and cry - try to eat - cry - fall back to sleep. She napped pretty well that morning but the afternoon she would not be consoled any way than strapped next to my chest and walking around - preferably outside. So that's what we did. We walked and walked all afternoon outside. I grabbed a book to pass the time as my fitbit stacked up the steps. Over 13,000. Sheesh. I kicked off my shoes to feel the grass. #nofilter - it is that green right now. I texted a friend I hadn't spoken to in months when the book started talking about community. I miss her. It's funny how relationships grow apart. Someone that you think of often and love dearly but you lose touch. I couldn't quite remember where she works and felt embarrassed when I asked to be reminded. But isn't it better to know than pretend to know? Isn't that what community is? Caring and not pretending to ignore our shortcomings? I don't remember things well all the time, but I can be authentic in wanting to know and wanting to remember. 

These baby days are going quickly. Soon I'll be back at work full time and struggling to get everyone fed every evening and surviving the infamous "witching hour" and bedtime routines and then trying not to crash at 8pm because lunches need to be packed and what the heck are we going to eat for dinner tomorrow and what are we going to wear tomorrow because I can't keep up with laundry and dishes and any other tedious chore. So I'll take the 13,000+ steps every day. I'll take the peace that Holland feels when she's next to my heart. I'll take the fresh grass between my toes and the solitude of reading. I'll take it.

Wrap by Solly Baby, Holland's bonnet from Briar Handmade, Book: The Gospel 


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