Friday, December 28, 2012

A clean 2013

Since we came back from Johnson City on Wednesday, my days have been filled up with a lot of cleaning and organizing.

We found a filing cabinet for $5 at the local Goodwill, and I've been putting it to good use, filling it with tax records, bills, and all that other stuff that just has to go in a filing cabinet.

I've almost got that last, yes one last box, unpacked from our move in June. It's just been sitting there for months, saying all those things that unpacked boxes say. However, now I have a new "donate" box that is also saying rude things to me.

And since we've, for now anyway, decided to probably stay put in our one-bedroom basement apartment until summer, I've listed some rarely used furniture on craigslist.

Even Dillan got into the cleaning mode and let me wash his favorite plushies.

How are you prepping for the big 20-13? 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

Last week I did something I told everyone I wouldn't do. I wanted to keep our ideas for baby names a secret. But scrolling through a list of "unusual" names I found it. The one. (or did I...)

Jedi. Little baby Jedi. And it's still biblical (short for Jedidiah)!

So in the effort to keep everyone guessing (or am I...) on what baby name will be. Here's a little mood board for baby Jedi's nursery.

1. Bubble bed would be the perfect crib for a baby meant to save the galaxy.
2. This "stupid creature" looks like something you might run into on a mission.
3. An educational book. Baby might be full of midi-chlorians, but it'll have to learn something.
4. Because everyone should know onesie.
5. Inspirational artwork for the nursery.
6. Squishy pillow because even a warrior should be comfy sometimes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

about 5 weeks ago

sweater: target
skirt: old navy, many years ago (similar)
shoes: consignment (similar)

I bought a sweater. A sweater that was so rad that I could not help but indulge myself in it despite the fact that in a few more months I wouldn't be able to wear it.

And then I went crazy and I bought lipstick. I know it was one of my resolutions but I thought I was doing really great by wearing a pink every once in a while. 

And then I totally lost it and made Nathan take pictures 10 minutes after waking up.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hooray, a scarf!

I knew I had to have a snood, or infinity scarf if you will, for this winter. I also knew that I had the exact colors (possibly my favorite colors to wear) that I wanted in my knitting box.

Yes, a gray and white striped scarf! Just what I've always wanted. I play around a lot with the pattern. I mean striped can mean alot of things. Do I want little stripes or big honkin' stripes. At first I knit and purled consecutively, then purled knit in the next color block, but this made the scarf zig-zaggy in profile and I just wasn't digging it. 

So I decided to knit every line and rotate colors every 2 - which was the only possibility since I was using 2 needles (instead of circulars).

Yes, I do have a white and gray comforter...

It was pretty slow going. I knit in the car and at Nathan's shows. I knit mostly while watching Revenge on Netflix. And finally, yesterday, I finished! And I basically haven't taken it off since. 

And just to emphasize my gray and white strip problem...Triple Whammy!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well that was nice

I've wanted to write. Honestly I have. When we announced our news to the digital world, I was completely overcome by all of the kind words and well wishes. Seriously, after a few weeks of feeling overwhelmed, scared, and alone, all of the congratulations changed my perspective immediately, and I can honestly say that I am excited about being pregnant, becoming a parent, and yes even giving birth.

But despite all the warmth we received, I just didn't feel motivated to say anything here in my digital corner. I have been perfectly content watching Revenge on netflix and taking 40 minute long steaming hot shower every night before I go to bed. At 9... 

Oh, and not doing any chores. Like ever. 

So all that to say, I'm back, and I feel a commitment and an energy to blog. So thanks for sticking around readers.

And you - anonymous follower - you don't have to be shy! But if you want to be that's okay too. Just wanted you to know I see you (sort of).

Happy weekend.


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