Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy fall y'all!

I've got my windows open and a fresh fall breeze blowing through.

I've got a press pot of coffee on my coffee table to refresh my mug whenever it gets low.

I've got season 2 of Sherlock playing while I map out a course for today which includes a neighborhood cookout. We're bringing hamburger buns, ketchup and mustard!

Enjoy your first fall weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dillan shreds again

Over the course of Dillan's life with us he has had 2 beds. One stays at the foot or our bed, the other stays in his crate. 

Over the course of Dillan's life with us, he has shredded one of his two beds. This means, every time he was crated, and we left, we'd return to a pile of green fluff stuffing all around the crate.

Finally, I gave into the fact that I needed to buy a new one. In a moment of weakness, I went to Petsmart. I figured that the holiday weekend sales and my PetPerks card would combine to the awesome power of a deal. So I spent $35 on a crate liner.

Thankfully as I was driving home I passed a TJ Maxx. And the heavens opened as I walked in and found a much more attractive and comfy bed for only $16. Woot. So I took the petsmart bed back, where I awkwardly got into the same line with the same sales lady...

Then I got the bed home. Where Dillan entered, and pretty much hasn't come out since. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A 5 minute meltdown

Tonight I sat down at the computer fully intending to write an adorable post completely focused around Dillan, and how he's a puppy who shredded his bed and I had to buy him a new one...

Instead, I sat down at the computer and was instantly angry. This computer is a mac, and I'm still completely mac illiterate, as in where the heck did that file save that I just downloaded from my email. Well Michelle, it would save into the "downloads" file. And then the ongoing escalation of frustration while trying to just figure out how to save a file, and where the photos ago, etc. etc.

And then Nathan started to play music. Which for some reason sent me even farther into the anger spiral. So I turned on the iTunes to drown it out...but the program didn't work. Why wouldn't itunes open?...I really have no idea. So I heaved what was quite possibly the largest, most desperate, husband pay attention to me sigh ever, and he gave into it. 

"what's wrong" he asks. 

mentally I answer "my computer is broken and I hate it and it never works because you play diablo on it instead of your computer"

verbally I answer "itunes won't work" 

You see, because we both have a user profile on this computer, itunes can only be open on one user at a time, and sometimes he gets confused. So, nathan logged me out, logged himself in, and then logged out again. Hello working music. Oh, and hello frustrated husband...oops. 

So I turned on Chevelle and all is right again with the world. Meaning, the second that I finally got music going and the internet opened up to write that adorable post I mentioned, I realized how ridiculous I can be. A heavy sigh is never going to achieve me anything. No one is ever going to reward my meltdowns with encouragement or by giving me a cookie. I'd be no better than the 4-year old in target screaming "Why aren't you going to buy me something!!!!!" 

So, excuse me, I'm going to go apologize. 


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