Friday, November 22, 2013

A copy Madewell

A few years ago, I discovered Madewell through another blog and instantly fell in love with their laid back looks. The style is so perfectly mine I instantly want everything in their lookbooks every season.

They're why I pulled out an old baseball tee and bought myself a baseball cap this summer.

They are certainly not the most expensive brand, but this gals always on a budget so I've never been able to own any of their awesome items. I instead, try to copy them as best I can. 

I tried this one a few weeks ago when I ran out of contacts and had my hair in a ponytail because my baby wasn't a good sleeper (we've only started making it 4+ hours at a time this last week).

What do you think? Probably just about how I am definitely not 5'-3" and most certainly as tall as that model right? ;)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello friends

Oh, hai everyone...

I haven't been here in a while. And it's certainly not because I haven't been thinking about you daily my dear blog.  It's that I'm still catching up to my new life.  Still adjusting to being a mom, and on top of that a full time working mom. And on top of that house searching, and child care searching, and remembering to spend a little time with husband and this poor neglected puppy.

Becoming a parent has got to be the most traumatic and dramatic change life can ever throw at you. Regardless of how "ready" you are, you're never fully prepared to actually die to yourself for this other being. Never fully aware of how self centered you (I) actually are (am) until your life actually does revolve around a 18 lb chunk of a boy.

I've so missed writing to you, sharing with you.  My heart drops a little when I see posts of projects, or when I see a blogger who's devoted to posting content regularly begin to gain followers. I'll think, "I want that."  I enjoy writing here. In the midst of the hardships of motherhood, my thoughts of this blog have been a friend, and I now realize that I should have shared with you much more often, not just for my sanity, but just in case someone out there in the internet world might be experiencing something similar.

So, here I am. I hope very much to talk to you soon and regularly. And for that new design I promised... It's around, and might come up sometime.

Also, one final note: happy two-years "Our Dog Dillan". sorry I missed your birthday.

Thanks for sticking around


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