Friday, December 28, 2012

A clean 2013

Since we came back from Johnson City on Wednesday, my days have been filled up with a lot of cleaning and organizing.

We found a filing cabinet for $5 at the local Goodwill, and I've been putting it to good use, filling it with tax records, bills, and all that other stuff that just has to go in a filing cabinet.

I've almost got that last, yes one last box, unpacked from our move in June. It's just been sitting there for months, saying all those things that unpacked boxes say. However, now I have a new "donate" box that is also saying rude things to me.

And since we've, for now anyway, decided to probably stay put in our one-bedroom basement apartment until summer, I've listed some rarely used furniture on craigslist.

Even Dillan got into the cleaning mode and let me wash his favorite plushies.

How are you prepping for the big 20-13? 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

Last week I did something I told everyone I wouldn't do. I wanted to keep our ideas for baby names a secret. But scrolling through a list of "unusual" names I found it. The one. (or did I...)

Jedi. Little baby Jedi. And it's still biblical (short for Jedidiah)!

So in the effort to keep everyone guessing (or am I...) on what baby name will be. Here's a little mood board for baby Jedi's nursery.

1. Bubble bed would be the perfect crib for a baby meant to save the galaxy.
2. This "stupid creature" looks like something you might run into on a mission.
3. An educational book. Baby might be full of midi-chlorians, but it'll have to learn something.
4. Because everyone should know onesie.
5. Inspirational artwork for the nursery.
6. Squishy pillow because even a warrior should be comfy sometimes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

about 5 weeks ago

sweater: target
skirt: old navy, many years ago (similar)
shoes: consignment (similar)

I bought a sweater. A sweater that was so rad that I could not help but indulge myself in it despite the fact that in a few more months I wouldn't be able to wear it.

And then I went crazy and I bought lipstick. I know it was one of my resolutions but I thought I was doing really great by wearing a pink every once in a while. 

And then I totally lost it and made Nathan take pictures 10 minutes after waking up.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hooray, a scarf!

I knew I had to have a snood, or infinity scarf if you will, for this winter. I also knew that I had the exact colors (possibly my favorite colors to wear) that I wanted in my knitting box.

Yes, a gray and white striped scarf! Just what I've always wanted. I play around a lot with the pattern. I mean striped can mean alot of things. Do I want little stripes or big honkin' stripes. At first I knit and purled consecutively, then purled knit in the next color block, but this made the scarf zig-zaggy in profile and I just wasn't digging it. 

So I decided to knit every line and rotate colors every 2 - which was the only possibility since I was using 2 needles (instead of circulars).

Yes, I do have a white and gray comforter...

It was pretty slow going. I knit in the car and at Nathan's shows. I knit mostly while watching Revenge on Netflix. And finally, yesterday, I finished! And I basically haven't taken it off since. 

And just to emphasize my gray and white strip problem...Triple Whammy!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well that was nice

I've wanted to write. Honestly I have. When we announced our news to the digital world, I was completely overcome by all of the kind words and well wishes. Seriously, after a few weeks of feeling overwhelmed, scared, and alone, all of the congratulations changed my perspective immediately, and I can honestly say that I am excited about being pregnant, becoming a parent, and yes even giving birth.

But despite all the warmth we received, I just didn't feel motivated to say anything here in my digital corner. I have been perfectly content watching Revenge on netflix and taking 40 minute long steaming hot shower every night before I go to bed. At 9... 

Oh, and not doing any chores. Like ever. 

So all that to say, I'm back, and I feel a commitment and an energy to blog. So thanks for sticking around readers.

And you - anonymous follower - you don't have to be shy! But if you want to be that's okay too. Just wanted you to know I see you (sort of).

Happy weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our favorite Baked Potatoes

Now that winter is settling in and we're transitioning into 40/50 degree days and way colder nights, it's time to eat that good ole soul food.  The kind that keeps you warm all evening. The kind that fills you up in the best way. The kind that you never ever ever should feel guilty about eating.

Yes, it's time for that food. And one of the best ways to get there is twice baked potatoes.

For a very sweet wedding gift, my m.i.l. made a family recipe book for me, full of mine and Nathan's relatives favorite recipes. One of these happened to be Nate's favorite baked potatoes.

Now, they are super easy to fix. but they take a couple hours (potatoes gotta bake, yo!) so they're really great to make on Sundays.

So bake them! At 450 for about an hour. I always scrub my taters (gollum reference anyone?), poke them a bunch with a fork, and drizzle them with olive oil.
Then make a slice in the tops of them and scoop out the insides. Careful, it's going to be very hot!

(this is a great time to do the chicken steps...)

Then, mix the fluffy potato insides with milk, butter, salt, pepper, sour cream, and cheese.

It's wise to call in the husband during this phase to be sure the correct salt/pepper/cheese ratio has been acquired.

Make sure there's a 70 pound dog in the middle of your 3' wide kitchen for moral support.

And by moral support I mean being in the most inconvenient location for cooking ever.

Stuff those taters back up with the fluffy potato mix and slide them back in the oven for 20 minutes.
Then delicately place the chicken strips on top of the potato because presentation is important (obviously) and bake for another 5 minutes.

At this stage, top with salsa, additional sour cream and cheese, or whatever else you want! These potatoes are also extra tasty with a salsa and black bean mix instead of the chicken for your veggies lovers out there!

Here's the recipe. FYI it starts after you've baked the potatoes:


2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp ground red pepper
1/2 tsp salt
6 skinned and boned chicken breast halves (I buy the thin sliced breasts)
6 large baked potatoes
1-1/2 cups shredded mexican cheese blend (divided)
8 oz sour cream (divided)
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp milk
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
chunky salsa and cilantro for toppers

Combine first 4 ingredients, rub on all sides of chicken. Place chicken in a backing dish and let stand for 15 minutes.

Bake at 400 for 6 minutes on each side. Cut into strips

Cut a small strip (mine's about 2 inches) for the top of each potato. Carefully scoop out pulp, leaving shells intact. Mask pulp, stif in 1 cup cheese, 1/2 cup sour cream, bittern, and next 3 ingredients. Spoon into shells, and place on baking sheet.

(I add these ingredients to the bowl before adding the potato pulp. That way the hot potato pulp melts the butter and cheese and makes it easy to mash together.

Bake potatoes at 350 for 20 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and top with chicken. Bake additional 5 minutes. 

Serve with remaining cheese and salsa.


Monday, November 12, 2012

The News is Out

Today is Nathan's birthday! happy Birthday Nathan!

As part of his birthday celebrations, he made a little facebook post. Now it wasn't exactly a secret, but I had no idea that he was going to share.

So, the cat's outta the proverbial bag and I'm pregnant!

It's okay, I'll give you a second...

I'm pregnant.

Little one is almost 12 weeks old, and while I'm technically not out of the first trimester woods, baby is looking good and measuring ahead.

And so am I...

many many more details of this experience to come :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes you try something new

Like the other day when I thought, hmm...maybe I'll post outfits occasionally. So here it is. An outfit.

sweater: a gift (thanks mom)
skirt: limited (a few years ago)
tights: jc penney
boots: vintage Ariats

Thanks hubs for being a trooper at 7:20 this morning!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pup Cup

Did you know, that if you tell the starbucks teller that you have a dog in the car, they will give you a mini size cup full of whipped cream ?!?

They will. And Dillan loves it. I somehow resisted giving Dillan the treat in the car, and made it all the way home so I could catch this video.

Prepare for a slobbery mess.

If you want to view larger, go to here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tough Puppy

This weekend was a rough one for Dillan.  It started out great enough. Sure he was confused about not having any water or food for the past 12 hours, but the prospect of going for a ride made the starvation/thirst thing insignificant.

So he and I loaded into the car and went to the ever enjoyable petsmart...

For a teeth cleaning.

At 7:30.

I signed him in and he trotted away, loving every second of the attention that all his new friends were giving him.

Then a few hours later I picked him up. And he seemed great. He was energetic and excited to see me, so I thought "maybe all these concerns about dog anesthesia are silly after all."

Then he peed in the car on the way home. A lot. Despite the fact that we had seen him outside with the nurse right as we were pulling into the parking lot, he peed all over the backseat. (by the way, that car is for sell...)

So we got home and I let him inside the house. Nathan went to a meeting, and I went back out to clean up the car. And when I came back in - maybe 5 minutes later - a new surprise was waiting in the floor. Yup, the other mess. Thankfully it was on the vinyl not the carpet...

The rest of the afternoon, Dillan proceeded to sleep. Occasionally he'd let out a little heartbreaking whimper, and his eyes looked so sad.

Then, almost as quickly as he fell asleep, he energized up again, and all was right in the world. He ate dinner, with no accidents, and played outside.

And apparently, this was a totally normal reaction to the anesthesia. I know this because I, the overly-concerned mom, called the vet in a panic.

Poor little fella with his bandaged arm.

They shaved is little leg. :(

But super clean teeth! As we checked out of the vet they said "see him back in 5 months!"; to which I thought "no way!". 

Supposedly Greyhounds develop plaque quicker than any other dog so they have dental problems. So I'm trying to be diligent on teeth brushing. We'll see how that goes...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Practically Famous

That's right, my torso is now gracing the main page (the only page...) of the Resolute's online merch store - which basically puts me at international model status right? 

nailed it.

either way, you can now order shirts online, so if you want, here's the link:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4 years

Nathan and I were happy to get away for a few days last week. We left Nashville on Wednesday night, made a pitstop in Johnson City, and decided to go to Charleston. 

It was on a total whim, and we just about blew our budget going. But that's what life is about right? Doing things with the ones you love. Making memories. Not taking yourselves or your bank account too seriously...

After months in a city that is in fact very flat, a mountain was just what I wanted to see. 

We stopped in Asheville, for same tasty Noodle Shop noodles and then, of course, to the french Broad for coffee and the best macaron I've ever had.  Then it was back on the road for a few more hours to Charleston. We had no reservations, no plans, so we pulled into a "hotel" area and started making phone calls. We decided to splurge and stay at the super hip Aloft hotel. 

elevator tiles full of liquid that moved around where you stepped.
The only downfall to this trendy hotel is that I guess it doesn't appeal to my generation to have bath tubs. So that much anticipated bath time will have to wait...probably until Thanksgiving - at my parents house.

The next morning we spent a while just walking on the beach of Sullivan Island. This seemed like a perfect place to grab a few friends and rent a house in. We will be coming back to you Sullivan's Island!

Afterwards, we did the whole historical downtown Charleston thing, but at our own leisure. Strolling down King street and over through the open air market. Grabbing some ice cream and searching for probably an hour for a restroom (hint: go in a hotel and act like you're staying). We guessed the value of every home on rainbow row and pointed our our favorite details. We talked about how fun it'd be to have a boat and which ones we liked out in the bay. Basically, quality time!

And when we wore out we found a good grassy spot in the park.

It was a wonderful trip, and I'll always remember being spontaneous on our 4 year anniversary. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

A walk in the Park

Dillan, Nathan and I went on a family outing a few weeks ago along the cumberland river. It's so nice to live close by water, and even nicer to live close by said water that happens to have a lovely park and bike/walking path.

Dillan started off of course by dragging us down the path.

Getting some comforting ear rubs before the treacherous bridge over river.

Kind of speaks for itself.

Tuckered puppy. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy fall y'all!

I've got my windows open and a fresh fall breeze blowing through.

I've got a press pot of coffee on my coffee table to refresh my mug whenever it gets low.

I've got season 2 of Sherlock playing while I map out a course for today which includes a neighborhood cookout. We're bringing hamburger buns, ketchup and mustard!

Enjoy your first fall weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dillan shreds again

Over the course of Dillan's life with us he has had 2 beds. One stays at the foot or our bed, the other stays in his crate. 

Over the course of Dillan's life with us, he has shredded one of his two beds. This means, every time he was crated, and we left, we'd return to a pile of green fluff stuffing all around the crate.

Finally, I gave into the fact that I needed to buy a new one. In a moment of weakness, I went to Petsmart. I figured that the holiday weekend sales and my PetPerks card would combine to the awesome power of a deal. So I spent $35 on a crate liner.

Thankfully as I was driving home I passed a TJ Maxx. And the heavens opened as I walked in and found a much more attractive and comfy bed for only $16. Woot. So I took the petsmart bed back, where I awkwardly got into the same line with the same sales lady...

Then I got the bed home. Where Dillan entered, and pretty much hasn't come out since. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A 5 minute meltdown

Tonight I sat down at the computer fully intending to write an adorable post completely focused around Dillan, and how he's a puppy who shredded his bed and I had to buy him a new one...

Instead, I sat down at the computer and was instantly angry. This computer is a mac, and I'm still completely mac illiterate, as in where the heck did that file save that I just downloaded from my email. Well Michelle, it would save into the "downloads" file. And then the ongoing escalation of frustration while trying to just figure out how to save a file, and where the photos ago, etc. etc.

And then Nathan started to play music. Which for some reason sent me even farther into the anger spiral. So I turned on the iTunes to drown it out...but the program didn't work. Why wouldn't itunes open?...I really have no idea. So I heaved what was quite possibly the largest, most desperate, husband pay attention to me sigh ever, and he gave into it. 

"what's wrong" he asks. 

mentally I answer "my computer is broken and I hate it and it never works because you play diablo on it instead of your computer"

verbally I answer "itunes won't work" 

You see, because we both have a user profile on this computer, itunes can only be open on one user at a time, and sometimes he gets confused. So, nathan logged me out, logged himself in, and then logged out again. Hello working music. Oh, and hello frustrated husband...oops. 

So I turned on Chevelle and all is right again with the world. Meaning, the second that I finally got music going and the internet opened up to write that adorable post I mentioned, I realized how ridiculous I can be. A heavy sigh is never going to achieve me anything. No one is ever going to reward my meltdowns with encouragement or by giving me a cookie. I'd be no better than the 4-year old in target screaming "Why aren't you going to buy me something!!!!!" 

So, excuse me, I'm going to go apologize. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drink a Greyhound (kind of)

I don't claim to know anything at all about drinks. Drinky drinks. I'm the kind of gal that always ends up with a beer because I don't know anything else. And that's okay. 

But, wanting to put my popsicle molds to good use, I decided to jump on that trend of cocktail popsicles. Or, better known as, "poptails".

I used this website. The choices were wide and full of possibility. Hop over there and look, betcha can't guess which one I made.

It's not very hard.

A really easy guess.

Okay, I made the greyhound popsicles. Having never heard of the cocktail before, I thought it might widen my cocktail horizons. 

So when I headed out to get groceries I picked a few little ingredients as well.

- lime smirnoff
- rasberries (all the strawberries were bad!!)
- and a grapefruit

Then I got home and took those babies for a spin in the blender. The contents of which was a whole pack of raspberries (8 oz.) the juice from one whole grapefruit, and I think a whole cup of vodka.

Booz - y.


Tang - y

The tartness of so much fresh grapefruit juice was overpowering and I only got through a few bites because I was eating tortilla chips to combat the bitterness. 

I do want to try again though. I'm hoping for a super hot weekend of sun bathing, boozy popsicles and book 4 of game of thrones. Ah, refreshing.

Monday, August 13, 2012


So, I just want to talk for a minute about how much I love tumblr. Or maybe more specifically mine.

I got into tumblr because of pinterest. Basically, half the stuff pinned on there is taken from tumblr in the first place, so I started to spend a lot of time scrolling through pages and pages of beautiful imagery. Then I realized that it could be mine too.

It's kind of my happy place. A collection of things that I simply like. A story of an ideal morning / evening / vacation / or thought.

If you want, follow the link of yonder and scroll through.  I hope it makes you happy too.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, I'm at work with my keys locked in my car so I may as well write a blog...

That's right I drove back to work, parked on the residential street adjacent to my office because the gate was closed, snuck around the fence, let myself into the office, grabbed that coveted hot chicken from "Whiskey Kitchen" left over from lunch today and got 2 steps out the door only to realize I didn't bring my keys.  And Nathan is out of town. The - worst.  Meant to be read in the same melody as wah - wah.

Here is my though process as I was parking my car.

"No need to bring my purse, I just want to grab that yummy chipotle mac-n-cheese for dinner."

"woops, almost left my car unlocked"  Silly, me...

"better put that key back in my bag so nobody sees it"

GREAT thinking!!!!

"This will just take a second" I said...

30 minutes later I am thanking myself for that little urging I followed through with called "roadside assistance"

And luckily I have some super awesome landlords who are willing to let out my dog after he's been crated for 12 hours.


Could you imaging being stuck in a box for 12 hours with only your dreams to keep you company. Such is the life of the Pico now.

Anyway, how was your week?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm not done talking about ice cream

Hey everybody! Get super excited! I found that Jeni has released several ice cream recipes, which I didn't want to post when I talked about over in this post, because when I say I link with love, by God, I mean it.

So, here it is. My beloved Salty Caramel recipe. Enjoy :)

Make sure and follow the directions exactly. They might seem a little daunting, and it is a few hour investment, but you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nothing says good morning like a puppy in your face

Dogs, even more so than people, get settled into their routine. Dillan is absolutely no exception. Every morning I wake up to the sounds of a puppy stirring in the little space right beside our bed. He's stretching and yawning, and I'm lying perfectly still so that maybe he'll leave me alone for the next 10 minutes. Or at least until my alarm officially sounds off. No luck. He knows.
And with that suddenly a wet nose is in my eye sniffing. I don't know if he thinks somehow we morphed into other beings with different smells overnight but it never fails, he's sniffing with fury. I think he aims for the eyes because he knows that means I have to open them and stir to wipe the fresh puppy juice that is now in my face.
My eyes are now officially open, and I can no longer fake any sort of sleep. His tail is spinning in a circle and he's taking anticipatory steps backwards, so as to be closer to the door of course.
If I choose to roll over and close my eyes, he whines. Not begging whines of a normal dog, but "you are literally ruining my life" whines. If he's really upset, he will even bark. I think the total barks tallies about 5 now. Usually I'm not lucky enough to get to the "roll back over stage."
Now my feet are on the floor, and Dillan's front ones are lifting about 2 inches into the air.
I'm finding my glasses and sweater and he's rearing back, ready to race to the door.
I'm unlocking the dead bolt and he's jumping in the air.
The door is open.
He bolts outside.
And stands.
Sniffs some grass.
Sniffs the air.
Sniffs the grass.
Tries to go back inside and I won't let him.
Sniffs the grass.
Then I'm pretty sure he smiles at me and races back inside.
Where I hear my alarm going off.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The basket

I had this idea in my head.

source via Dillan's pinboard
The sleek greyhound resting in a wicker basket straight out of some LL Bean catalog. So, when a friend's parents gave me their dog's old wicker basket. I couldn't resist.

I got the bed all prepared. I didn't have an oval pillow but I figured the rectangular one would do and might even give Dillan that extra bit of neck cushion I know he loves.

This is my result. My dreams are shattered.

My dog is afraid of his bed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whilst living in a Basement, you might need Raid

Remember over here, where I babbled about Dillan and his tick issues?

Well, this is the part when I babble about myself and my mosquito issues. And spiders. But not house centipedes. I refuse to go to that dark place.

Mosquitos are by far the worst. They are tricksy. You might say to yourself, "self, you've got on jeans, sneaks, and a t-shirt. There's no way a bug could get to your belly button." Think again. I am currently battling about 5 mosquito bites. Bites I can only suppose came from my few minutes out with Dillan during the day. I shudder to think of any other time I could have gotten a mosquito bite in the exact location some might refer to as the spot of the "tramp stamp."

There's also the spiders. I know it comes with living in a basement. I knew there'd be spiders. And I'm sure about 80% of them are brown recluses. But I'm always finding new little webs or smashing something on the floor. And I've gotten into the very normal habit of checking the bed for spideys before getting in. Nathan has taken to shaking his shoes out in the morning as well. I'm not sure if that helps. Spiders have mad gripping skills. <see photo below>

This guy greeted me home last evening.

Hey fella! Thanks for holding down the fort, while we were out. Good to know we can count on you when Dillan is just snoozing in his crate.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's my Birthday gift to Me!

I might have mentioned that my birthday was a few weeks ago. And for most of it I felt like this:

I felt even more like this when my mother in law asked what I wanted for my birthday. Easy question, I want an ice cream maker! Otherwise what would this pinboard by good for?

Exactly, not good for very much at all. And furthermore, what good would an ice cream maker be good for if I didn't have the Jeni's splendid ice cream at home recipe book!!!?

Exactly, not good for anything.

So, I asked for both. And I am not ashamed to admit that I cheered and danced and leapt in joy when said gifts arrived. For a week I contemplated the very difficult decision of what would be my first homemade ice cream. I ended up choosing this one.

A little sneak peek of the recipe! pick up a copy!
Yes, yes. Salty caramel. And it turned out perfectly. Rich and smooth and creamy. The cool thing about this cookbook is that the first chapter gives the cook a foundation for developing ice cream flavors on their own and the science behind the ingredients. Which is complicated and essentially comes down to water content of the ice cream...Anyway...

Ice cream getting a chill before going in the machine.
Ice cream making is not to be taken lightly. It's kind of a several hour investment. None of it is difficult, but you will have a sink full of dirty dishes by the time you're done. And patience is essential, in fact I have a bag full of backyard mint ice cream steeping in my fridge as we speak.

But all that waiting is well worth it because in about 45 minutes you'll go from soupy mix to...

super mix.

Oh yum. I'm so excited to try the mint ice-cream with a bunch of added dark chocolate chips - my favorite flavor :)

So I want to know, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Friday, July 6, 2012


hello.  I just wanted to say, that I've really missed being able to share much about our new life in Nashville over the last few weeks. I started a new job last monday and have been trying to adjust since. I hope to share with you soon!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I am hoping to give the famous farmer's market a try and make some mint ice cream!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The way the Dill Pico Lies

Here's Dillan. Comfy in his new little corner of the apartment, wedged between our bed and the closet.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Supper + Song at Imogene + Willie

Nathan and I have decided that Wednesday night is date night! Huzzah! So this past Wednesday we decided to try out a Supper + Song event at the boutique denim store Imogene + Willie.
I found out about this event from the pennyweight blog written by the super chic Elise Yetton, who is even more gorgeous in person and whom I wanted to introduce myself to but we left because I had a terrible headache and was loosing a contact. I know, excuses.
Anyway, it started out great with a super tasty taco from the Mas Tacos truck.
chicken, salsa verde, sour cream, cheese, cilantro.
And yes, that is a Jeni's cart in the background.
We also did a bit of people watching. As I mentioned here, I did my best to fit into the hipster scene. I may or may not have succeeded. You decide.
Photo credit: Imogene + Willie tweet
It was a fun event, other than the issues I was having with my contact and head. Next time we hope to meet up with a few friends so we don't look like such wallflowers there. And I definitely recommend getting there before 6. We barely missed the rush for the taco truck. It was a serious line, but seriously worth it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Mostly Awkward Thursday

For some reason, this week has really pulled out the stops on putting me in the most awkward situations.

- Trying to do anything with a band of screaming children sitting behind you. Hi I'm just a lady sitting at a lonely Panera Bread table. You're totally right, that booth behind me is the perfect choice for your four 2-year olds to sit. Oh, and they all wanted muffins.

- Sharing living space with another couple, namely our landlord. Nuff said.

- Getting to my job interview about 20 minutes early and seeing the whole staff in the conference room directly in view of the elevator. Then going to hide around the corner and in the bathroom for fifteen minutes.

- Changing shoes for said job interview in the parking lot. Don't mind me guy rounding the corner, it's just a leg. Nothing else to see here.

- Walking out from the grocery store and trying to peel my cross shoulder bag off over my head, getting it caught on my earring for about 20 seconds while walking through traffic to my car.

There were however some awesome things!

- Going to Johnson City for The Resolute's show Saturday night.

- Moving in some bedroom furniture today!

- Got a tweet saying that The Black Keys were playing a secret show in Nashville last night. How cool is that? I live in a city with secret rock shows.

- Mas Tacos. Yum.

- I reunite with my puppy again tomorrow night and then bring him back with me Sunday!!!! I've missed my Pico!

Awkward and awesome originated at

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why we left

I am currently surrounded by a multitude of soccer moms out with their kids probably on the way to the country club to swim for the day. I was told by a friend that Johnson city has a definite aesthetic, especially in the way people dress. I had never noticed. After being in east Tennessee for 8 years it seemed very normal for me to pull on Chacos with a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted tee. Well the Panera Bread Franklin, TN is characterized by moms in fancy workout clothes, Nike skorts and underarmour wick-away tanks, and businessmen in blue gingham button ups and pleated pants. Tonight I will get a taste of the east Nashville hipster scene at the monthly supper and song event at Imogene + Willie. I have done my best to fit in with a maxi skirt and white tee. We shall see. I'm very excited. All that to say, Nathan and I have been asked every time we mention our move, "why?". why leave the comfort of a city we know? Why move to a big city where we have no community, few friends, and no jobs? The answer we have generally given is that it is for the music. So Nathan can pursue his career as a professional musician. The city where he has the best chance of making a living on his greatest skills. But it was so much more than that too. Both of us were at the end of the rope with our jobs. Nathan teaching lessons gave him a weird time schedule, which made it difficult to practice and be social and be together when we wanted. I had worked at the same job for 3 years, all 3 through the recession, and did not see a lot of opportunity to grow. We we're being pushed out by the Holy Spirit. That may sound weird. But when doors close in every aspect, it's time to take notice and make the change. So we left, in a leap of faith we jumped. And God has honored that immensely. We had a place to move into months before we moved, in a safe neighborhood, a convenient location, and very close to the only people I know -upstairs. Nathan was provided a job a couple of weeks before we moved. Even though I haven't found a job yet I've had a couple interviews and all of those after we moved. Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there. Not we are so blessed and wonderful and happy and so on, but that God is huge. And he loves us enough to provide for us. I do not want for anything, and I can claim the promise that even as he shelters the sparrow he will shelter me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well, we have been in Nashville officially for a week and are still working on getting our apartment set up. In the meantime we are living upstairs with our landlords (also good friends). During the day, Nathan goes to work and I get up  water the garden (which I'm super excited about) and then do some work downstairs. Yesterday, and most days before it, that included painting.

Now, painting walls I can handle, but yesterday I bought a can of spray paint and attempted to paint some shelves that go in the open pantry in the kitchen. Before they were all mismatched woods.

Well, I think I discovered that I am the worst spray painter ever. Not only am I terrible at spraying evenly, but my finger gets tired and then it blocks the spray and I get drips all over the shelves.

I am currently watching tutorials on how to do this correctly, but I might go buy a small can of paint anyway. I think I may have used all the paint anyway.

But, I am excited that things are really coming together down there and I think we'll have all the painting finished today and maybe get the floors cleaned up. Then we can move in some on Thursday and Friday! Hooray!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm now closer to 30

On Saturday, I celebrated my 26th Birthday! Which means that I am now officially closer to 30 than 20. Whoa.

Nathan and I started off by sleeping in and then heading over to Cracker Barrel. I love Cracker Barrel. It's so deliciously terrible for you but so tasty. I indulged in the Multi-grain Berry Pancakes complete with blackberries, fried eggs, bacon, and coffee.
Yeah, that's what I got. 
Don't be fooled by the "fruit and grain" line at the top of the menu. The pancakes still come with warm maple syrup and a heaping scoop of butter.

Afterwards Nathan carted me around to various music stores to find something musical...I kind of tune that stuff out now.

Later on I went to an unofficial birthday cookout. Meaning, the cookout wasn't at all for me, but Facebook informed many of the attendants of the day's event and the news spread rapidly. Then I went down to Nathan's show at Carver Park where the band announced me as a birthday girl and where Danny, the saxophone player did NOT play me the birthday song. I was disappointed. But I had all these new friends there too :)


Then we went out for a night on the town with some band members.

So thanks everyone for making the day so eventful and fun!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a few things this week

Well, I am pleased to announce that I had a phone interview, which led to an in person interview. I am very encouraged about getting a response at all after the 50 resumes that I have sent out and the 15 or so positions that I have applied for.

I had an interview today! I think it went okay, Maybe? I was asked some questions that I felt completely unprepared for, and am not feeling super confident about it. I don't even remember the last time I really had to interview for a job.

*update: apparently it's a communication test - that I hope I passed.

But, I do know that God is going to provide for us. Nathan has a job, and I know that I will be able to find something. It's just a weird season of life. This transition. Transitioning into a new apartment. Transitioning into a new city. Transitioning into having no friends around and finding new ones. Transitioning into unemployment and too much free time.

In the meantime, Dillan is staying with my in-laws for the next few days. Because our apartment is kind of unfinished, we did not want to stress the dog out by changing his life so much and have him in the way while we tried to wrap up painting and such.

This is also a super blessing because the little boy has worms. Yes, on Tuesday morning, as Nathan and I were heading out I got a call from my mother-in-law informing me that Dillan pooped out a worm in the kitchen floor...

Thankfully she rules and took care of getting him to the vet and getting him some medicine to rid of those nasty tapeworms, which by the way are not from this incident, but actually because at some point, he ate a flea...

But apparently he is doing fine and we were sent this picture:


Friday, June 8, 2012

Living Room Campsite

Sunday night, after the long weekend at the Blue Plum Festival, Nathan and I wanted a little down time. We tried to get the Fresh Market for some Jeni's, but it closes very early on Sunday, and since we were already traveling that direction, we went to marble slab. I've been a standard coffee ice cream with heath bar mixed in, but that night I just wasn't feeling it. So, instead, i embraced my inner 8 year old and got cotton candy ice cream.

we then stopped at a Redbox and rented "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" which has to be one of the longest movie titles ever. Anyway, I through a quilt on the floor, stacked some pillows up and got an old down comforter out of the closet. It's the coziest way to movie watch.

And Dillan agrees. He wasted no time taking our leg space on top of the squishy comforter, and then he wasted no time into taking a little nap. 


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