Monday, October 29, 2012

Tough Puppy

This weekend was a rough one for Dillan.  It started out great enough. Sure he was confused about not having any water or food for the past 12 hours, but the prospect of going for a ride made the starvation/thirst thing insignificant.

So he and I loaded into the car and went to the ever enjoyable petsmart...

For a teeth cleaning.

At 7:30.

I signed him in and he trotted away, loving every second of the attention that all his new friends were giving him.

Then a few hours later I picked him up. And he seemed great. He was energetic and excited to see me, so I thought "maybe all these concerns about dog anesthesia are silly after all."

Then he peed in the car on the way home. A lot. Despite the fact that we had seen him outside with the nurse right as we were pulling into the parking lot, he peed all over the backseat. (by the way, that car is for sell...)

So we got home and I let him inside the house. Nathan went to a meeting, and I went back out to clean up the car. And when I came back in - maybe 5 minutes later - a new surprise was waiting in the floor. Yup, the other mess. Thankfully it was on the vinyl not the carpet...

The rest of the afternoon, Dillan proceeded to sleep. Occasionally he'd let out a little heartbreaking whimper, and his eyes looked so sad.

Then, almost as quickly as he fell asleep, he energized up again, and all was right in the world. He ate dinner, with no accidents, and played outside.

And apparently, this was a totally normal reaction to the anesthesia. I know this because I, the overly-concerned mom, called the vet in a panic.

Poor little fella with his bandaged arm.

They shaved is little leg. :(

But super clean teeth! As we checked out of the vet they said "see him back in 5 months!"; to which I thought "no way!". 

Supposedly Greyhounds develop plaque quicker than any other dog so they have dental problems. So I'm trying to be diligent on teeth brushing. We'll see how that goes...

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