Thursday, May 2, 2013

Current Preggo Thoughts

There's basically an app for everything.

So how could I resist downloading "baby center's" preggo app that tells me exactly whats growing when and where, gives daily tips, has weekly terrifying birthing videos that I refuse to watch, and tells me all the ways that I am failing as a proper pregnant lady.

"Eat vegetables" it tells me.  I have a bowl of cereal.

"Count your kicks" it says.  I push a foot back into place.

"Write down a pregnancy memory" it suggests.  I roll my eyes.

But because it's past my bedtime, and because tomorrow's Friday, here are my current thoughts on pregnancy...

1.) nesting. I don't think it's really happened to me yet and I'm not sure that it will.  Yeah I like pulling cute little onesies out of the dryer, but I think I'm doing these things more out of obligation.  I think that's just my feelings on laundry in general.

2.) It's hot. I sweat in the movie theater.

3.) Dear everyone who keeps telling me I'm too small...I'm not. Perhaps I just need to wear an "I've gained 30 pounds and still have a month to go" sign around my neck...

4.) I'm tired, not sleepy.

5.) My favorite place is a hot shower.

6.) My feet don't fit in any shoes, luckily, it's sandal weather just in time.

7.) My husband did some dishes last night. He's my hero.

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