Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about this space of mine. About my absence from it. About posting once a week, if that. About the dreams I had for this space. 





It hasn't been anything of those things much lately. I'm consumed with work, then dinner, then bedtime, then dishes and at least one chore, then I'm done. It's netflix time. It's scrolling through facebook time. 

But I miss you blog. I'm thinking about changing you a bit. A new name. A new look. New goals and devotion. I look at my friend Lauren who has steadily grown her blog in just a year. Sheesh, through hard work, girl you are an inspiration to me! And I'll think, I can do that. 

But it takes discipline, and time. Something I've been selfish and lazy with. new season of "hell on wheels" i'm talking to you. And I want to be devoted and thoughtful with my time. I want to hone skills and writing abilities. I want to proudly share my blog with people. Instead of jokingly, "hey, I have 9 followers, it's a big deal". 

I saw the girls from A Beautiful Mess at the WEst Elm in Nashville and I thought, "Oh My Gosh, it's them! I'm finally seeing famous people in Nashville!!!"

Anyway, I have no intention of being "famous people". I have no intention of getting free stuff or advertisements. I want a space I can be proud of. So, I'm going to clean the unfolded laundry off of my desk and install that wacom tablet. download some photoshop elements with my amazon giftcard (from christmas mind you) and go to work. 

Thanks for being faithful readers, and sticking through the lull.

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  1. First of all, um.. THANKS!! That was so fun to read! But, I can't wait to see what you do with this space - I love coming here whenever you post. I also completely understand how much effort it takes to blog… sometimes it's overwhelming and I just want to run to the couch and turn on Netflix, too, lol. I can't imagine having a little guy to take care of, on top of all that! But, you're right, it's really fun to hone my skills, make myself come to this place to write and grow and see the fruit of my labor (slowly!). Can't WAIT to watch you do the same!!!


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