Monday, October 31, 2011

Oliver Arch Nemesis

A couple times every week we take Dillan over to Nathan's parents house to run free.  They have about 4 fenced acres, so we unleash the Dillamonster to sprint with his mega Greyhound legs round and round in circles. This takes about 2 minutes, and then Dillan is over it.  Give him a break, he is retired after all.

Then we'll head inside for some visiting time.

Also inside is Oliver.  (cue evil music, Duh Duh Duunnnnn).

Don't let the cuteness fool you...
 Facts about Oliver
     He's a Golden Retriever.
     He's about 4.5 years old.
       He is NOT fixed. (which = the next fact)
     He is beyond hyper.

The Ver (Oliver) is just too much for Dillan to handle. Resulting in 2 different reactions.
    1.  Dillan running in the opposite direction to avoid Oliver.
    2.  Small scale puppy fight. 

Last night's visit to the in-laws resulted in reaction #2.

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