Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Various Names of Dillan de Pico

When we found Dillan we pretty much decided in about 5 minutes to adopt him. But, he's 4.5 years old, and  used to his name at this point, so how could we change it?
But after a few weeks, days, hours,  minutes...we started calling him by several variations on "Dillan". Let me take you through that evolution...
     1.   Dillan
     2.   Dill
     3.   Dillamonster
     4.   Dillasaurus Rex
     5.   DumbleDill
     6.   Dill Pickle
     7.   Dill Weed
     8.   Pickle
     9.   Pickol
     10. Pico
     11. Pico de Gayo
     12. Picolina
     13. Peaky
     14. PicoDill
     15. Dillan de Pico

 Our default is still Dillan. Out of a list like that Dillan might seem a little lame, but it is the name he responds to best.
We like calling him Pico in reference to him. And then when commenting on his manner we say "He's peaky". When he runs into things, which is very often, we call him DumbleDill.

What are you dogs names?

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  1. hahah I firstly love that this is a blog about your doggy and secondly love that list :)

    Lovely Little Rants


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