Thursday, July 12, 2012

The basket

I had this idea in my head.

source via Dillan's pinboard
The sleek greyhound resting in a wicker basket straight out of some LL Bean catalog. So, when a friend's parents gave me their dog's old wicker basket. I couldn't resist.

I got the bed all prepared. I didn't have an oval pillow but I figured the rectangular one would do and might even give Dillan that extra bit of neck cushion I know he loves.

This is my result. My dreams are shattered.

My dog is afraid of his bed.

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  1. Our dog was climbing on our couches and getting them pretty dirty, so we bought her a nice big dog bed. It was massive. We put all her toys on it and even added blankets around it for extra support. Does she sleep on it? Nope. I have just learned to do a weekly couch clean. #puppyfail


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