Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, I'm at work with my keys locked in my car so I may as well write a blog...

That's right I drove back to work, parked on the residential street adjacent to my office because the gate was closed, snuck around the fence, let myself into the office, grabbed that coveted hot chicken from "Whiskey Kitchen" left over from lunch today and got 2 steps out the door only to realize I didn't bring my keys.  And Nathan is out of town. The - worst.  Meant to be read in the same melody as wah - wah.

Here is my though process as I was parking my car.

"No need to bring my purse, I just want to grab that yummy chipotle mac-n-cheese for dinner."

"woops, almost left my car unlocked"  Silly, me...

"better put that key back in my bag so nobody sees it"

GREAT thinking!!!!

"This will just take a second" I said...

30 minutes later I am thanking myself for that little urging I followed through with called "roadside assistance"

And luckily I have some super awesome landlords who are willing to let out my dog after he's been crated for 12 hours.


Could you imaging being stuck in a box for 12 hours with only your dreams to keep you company. Such is the life of the Pico now.

Anyway, how was your week?

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