Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A 5 minute meltdown

Tonight I sat down at the computer fully intending to write an adorable post completely focused around Dillan, and how he's a puppy who shredded his bed and I had to buy him a new one...

Instead, I sat down at the computer and was instantly angry. This computer is a mac, and I'm still completely mac illiterate, as in where the heck did that file save that I just downloaded from my email. Well Michelle, it would save into the "downloads" file. And then the ongoing escalation of frustration while trying to just figure out how to save a file, and where the photos ago, etc. etc.

And then Nathan started to play music. Which for some reason sent me even farther into the anger spiral. So I turned on the iTunes to drown it out...but the program didn't work. Why wouldn't itunes open?...I really have no idea. So I heaved what was quite possibly the largest, most desperate, husband pay attention to me sigh ever, and he gave into it. 

"what's wrong" he asks. 

mentally I answer "my computer is broken and I hate it and it never works because you play diablo on it instead of your computer"

verbally I answer "itunes won't work" 

You see, because we both have a user profile on this computer, itunes can only be open on one user at a time, and sometimes he gets confused. So, nathan logged me out, logged himself in, and then logged out again. Hello working music. Oh, and hello frustrated husband...oops. 

So I turned on Chevelle and all is right again with the world. Meaning, the second that I finally got music going and the internet opened up to write that adorable post I mentioned, I realized how ridiculous I can be. A heavy sigh is never going to achieve me anything. No one is ever going to reward my meltdowns with encouragement or by giving me a cookie. I'd be no better than the 4-year old in target screaming "Why aren't you going to buy me something!!!!!" 

So, excuse me, I'm going to go apologize. 


  1. I'll give you a cookie. Or a few. Sometimes you just need one.

  2. It's okay. Sometimes we all need some reassurance, a cookie, a hug. Yea, a hug is good. Dawn


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