Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dillan shreds again

Over the course of Dillan's life with us he has had 2 beds. One stays at the foot or our bed, the other stays in his crate. 

Over the course of Dillan's life with us, he has shredded one of his two beds. This means, every time he was crated, and we left, we'd return to a pile of green fluff stuffing all around the crate.

Finally, I gave into the fact that I needed to buy a new one. In a moment of weakness, I went to Petsmart. I figured that the holiday weekend sales and my PetPerks card would combine to the awesome power of a deal. So I spent $35 on a crate liner.

Thankfully as I was driving home I passed a TJ Maxx. And the heavens opened as I walked in and found a much more attractive and comfy bed for only $16. Woot. So I took the petsmart bed back, where I awkwardly got into the same line with the same sales lady...

Then I got the bed home. Where Dillan entered, and pretty much hasn't come out since. 

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  1. I'm thinking Dillan really really likes his new bed, Michelle. Years ago, we had a wonderful little girl. She was a Golden Retriever and we thought she was perfect in just about every way, except she shredded every bed we ever had for her. It finally dawned on us that she was bored. Maybe that's Dillan's problem..then again..maybe he just wanted a new bed..:). Dawn


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