Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spontaneous Date Night

Tuesday night, Nathan and I got free tickets to go see a Nashville Predators game! And we had so much fun.

Of course we started out with one of our favorite restaurants...

Yes, that is Five Guys.

Then we arrived just at the end of the first third (first third?). I'm obviously not super familiar with the vocabulary associated with the fine sport of hockey. Oh hey zamboni's!

As you can see, we had amazing seats. Just a few rows up (whatever number = K...) and were in between half - court? and the goal. 

And this is us, probably not too much before we got kiss-cammed.  Oh yes we did, the cherry on top of a super fun experience was we got to see ourselves up on the Jumbo-tron at which I think got super excited. We auto-turned and quick kissed and then only to have the camera stay on us for what felt like about 10 seconds. Which c'mon people is a very long time to be staring at yourself on a giant screen. 

I highly recommend a preds game for any Nashville locals or out - of - towners. Even though the home team lost, we had a great time. Even Nathan exclaimed a word ( Yeah!) of encouragement at an almost goal.

If I can I offer the following words of advice, just to prepare you.
1.  There are cheerleaders. I'm not sure why I wasn't expecting them, but there they are.
2.  At the last minute of every ... period? ... the announcer says (as is proper), "OONNNEEEE minute remaining".  to which the crowd sarcastically replies, "Thaaankkkssss Paul..."
3.  No one will do the wave with you.

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