Saturday, May 3, 2014

DIY First Dance Word Art

About two months ago, I got really inspired about owning a home. Apartment living for the last 5.5 years had taken it's toll on my creativity, even if I am a designer for a living. I've always felt like not only could I not get super creative about my living space, but I also couldn't because of limited finances - hello mid-twenties - and let's just say it fear. 

In an era where we display our doing, our works, our faces to everyone who will look over the internet, it's easy to get insecure. What if so-and-so doesn't "like" it? What if she thinks I'm copying her? It can go on and on.

But on a quiet night this past week - and by quiet i mean not-quiet because Gavin woke up a few times - I plopped down in the living room floor, turned on some Doctor Who and started.

The result is pretty good. It's mine. I slowly got the hang of how to move a brush to make the letters appear more calligraphy style. Yes, it is still in the floor ... all in good time my friends.

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