Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Gavin Eats

Hi Everyone!

I've been wanting to share this wonderfully simple recipe that Gavin LOVES! Especially for all you "baby lead weaning" mamas. This is one you'll be making so often, you'll have it memorized  - but also because there are only 4 ingredients.

Gavin's Whole Oat & Banana Pancakes

  • one banana
  • one cup water
  • one teaspoon baking powder
  • one cup ground whole oats
1. Get a good sized bowl out and stick your peeled banana in it!
2. Add water and mash!
3. Grind your old fashioned rolled oats in a coffee grinder / food processor if your fancy / or just buy oat powder :)
4. Plop it and the baking powder in with the banana mash.
5. Mix. (I just use an easy breezy spatula)
6. Fry in a hot pan ( I add a little coconut oil to the pan first)

That's it! 

Ever since Gavin started eating his own food (4-ish months ago) he started batting away the spoon and only wanting to feed himself. Gavin has a pancake every day for breakfast! I feel pretty good knowing he's starting the day with a good whole grain and a banana.

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