Monday, July 14, 2014

July the 4th

I was off work for Independence day, but Gavin didn't get the memo. We woke up around the usual 7 and fiddled around until about 9 when I had the genius idea to google "nashville fourth of july things to do". And up popped the hot chicken festival.

So if you've ever visited Nashville or if you live in Nashville then you know that hot chicken is totally a thing here. It's our (can I say our?) thing! I think it's more or less chicken smothered in hot sauce, then deep fried with a spicy breading. And we don't serve it here with ranch or blue cheese dressing. We eat it with a side of jalapeno mac'n'cheese!

Needless to say, Gavin and I went for something a little less spicy, but hot nonetheless. Because it was a fire truck parade!

Selfie attemps!

Reflection selfies are a thing!

Sharing a snow cone with mama!

Then we got sleepy and needed some real lunch, so we packed up and picked up dada! Then we found ourselves a park.

And then sometimes they just melt into you, and you along with them, and you just think, gosh, how could i love this kid anymore and then you do.

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