Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Lunchtime Fav

Being at home everyday doesn't exactly make it easy to eat healthy. Being at home all day actually makes it super easy to snack. It also doesn't help that the husband bought a huge tub of cheese balls last weekend along with my requested double stuff'd oreos. (those have been gone since monday...)

Anyway, I found an easy lunch that makes me feel like I'm eating a somewhat nutritious meal and is super tasty.

Oh, and it's super easy too.

   - sweet potato tortilla chips (the Food Should Taste Good brand is best)
   - drained and rinsed black beans (one can gets me 3-4 nachos trays)
   - pico de gallo (or any salsa)
   - cheese!

   - Layer sweet potato chips, black beans and salsa in a pie dish.
   - Cover with desired amount of shredded cheese
   - Broil under a close eye.
     My broiler works very fast - takes about 30 seconds for the cheese to melt so keep checking on your nachos.

Slide the nachos out onto a plate. Side with sour cream if you're bad ;)

Pro-tip: make your own salsa with red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber!


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