Monday, May 18, 2015

From the Weekend

Our weekends are when we spend the most time and the most quality time together. It's also the time I scroll most. Here are some pics from the weekend and some links to some things. Take that description!

We went down to Franklin to the Touch-A-Truck event to touch some trucks with Gavin. He was more than overwhelmed. Not much touching, or sitting, or honking occurred in the first 30 minutes. Just too much to see. Finally he warmed up when we got to the police car. 
"Gavin, do you want to sit in the police car?" "uh-huh". Okay buddy.

In other news...

I finished season 3 of The West Wing on Netflix and Aaron Sorkin is a punk. When will CJ find happiness???  Or Josh, Or Leo, Or Donna, Or Sam, Or Toby...

I received my first Stitch Fix on Saturday and am working on a review.

Gavin turns 2, two, TWO,  on Friday. He's too grown up.

I read this article with great interest and admit that while in the ER a few months ago I paused an watched Thomas because there just wasn't anything else on.

John Oliver NAILED IT

JENI'S  opens back up on Friday. But my ice-cream game has been pretty on fleek lately. 

Also - how to know if you're using "on fleek" correctly! I honestly have no idea if I am...

These Tacos look super delicious.

Now I'll never get into any of these places.  But they will stay on my list forever then.

Finally, Happy Monday

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