Monday, June 1, 2015

A Himmeli Inspired Mobile

I love making items for my babies. When I saw this post on the Oh Joy! blog many months ago, I pinned it, knowing that something like this would be so beautiful as a baby mobile. 

I found the paper fans in JoAnn's along with the bells and bought the paper straws at Target. 

red straws
red rosettes
silver rosettes
silver bells (here them ring...)

There are a lot of paper online resources for additional colors and patterns if the stores don't have what you're looking for. Pro tip though - the mini silver rosettes from Joann's come with tiny clothespins that are perfect for assembling the mobiles.

I wasn't sure exactly what I would end up making, so I used all the images over on Oh Joy! as inspiration and just went from there. The pdf is really easy to follow and gives far better images and instructions than I could ever hope to try and give.  

I then screwed some eye hooks into the ceiling above Holland's crib. Or should I say, the husband screwed some eye hooks above Holland's crib while moved his elbow to exactly where I thought the drill bit should go. Teamwork. 

I love how they turned out and Holland loves them as well.  I just give them a little push and she's in a trance. Baby hypnosis. I am thinking of adding one more.  Holland's room theme is supposed to be kind of French with creamy walls and red, baby blue, and gray accents so I'm thinking of finding some baby blue to contrast all the red. I'd love to give you all a tour of her nursery as soon as I get figured out where a painting is going.

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