Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dillan : An Update

One week ago Dillan went in for his follow up exam. The vet asked if we were interested in chemo - we aren't - so we talked about how to keep him comfortable for the next few weeks.

She put him on a steroid pill and recommended getting some wet food that would be easier to digest.  The steroid pills are meant to help with swelling and pain and they have made a huge difference. Dillan is eating, the edema in his legs is gone, and the lymph nodes on his neck have shrunk quite a bit. he even tried to run in the backyard the other day - only to realize that after he took about 5 gallops that he can't go anymore. Which is heartbreaking, but at least he's feeling well enough to try it.

The whole situation is heartbreaking. The medicine makes it seem like he's getting better - but he's not. Last Tuesday the vet said he has a few weeks. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers after last weeks post. He's a special puppy. 

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