Saturday, June 20, 2015

We'll see you again

One week ago, we put Dillan to rest.

I know people usually say put to sleep, but for some reason, after having been through it, rest seems more appropriate. Rest implies peace and non-suffering. Anyone can sleep, but resting - that's rejuvenating. That's what Jesus offers to us. I told Dillan this. As we were waiting in a dimmed patient room at the vets on a soft blanket and I told Dillan he was going to meet God. But he probably already knew this. I told Dillan that Jesus is one day bringing back a new earth and that earth would not have cancer. No disease. No pain. But I think he already knew that too. He was ready.

It's probably silly, I mean, he's just a dog. But my soul needed to hear this truth. That the world is waiting to become new - to become what it always was meant to be. And that dogs exist there.

Little (big) Dillan. You are missed. Tater boof I think about you every morning when I don't have a dog to let out. Picodill I think about you every day when I open the door and you're not there to great us. Dragon Puppy I think about you every time we drop food on the floor and then have to clean it up ourselves. Deer Dog you'll never be replaced. Thanks for 3 really good years.

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