Monday, November 14, 2011

Cozy Time

This weekend I woke up and decided it was a shopping day. I love those early morning shopping trips, ya know, the ones without teenagers and traffic. I floated around my usual stores when I noticed a huge banner while leaving Target. The banner read "FLEECE FEST" below the Hancock Fabrics store sign and I couldn't resist. 

I've been wanting to get Dillan a nice piece of fleece for his crate. All I had in there was an old pillow and an old towel, not the comfiest (see before picture...). So, you can only imagine how LUCKY I felt when I spotted this fleecey gem in the scraps bin outside.  Oh yes, it is covered in grizzly bears and pine trees and just Screamed DILLAN! at me. I bought it.  

First though, of course we had to throw it on the dog...

Don't let him fool you he loves it, Loves It!


For all you makeover buffs, my fleece scrap was $3.50.  Small price to pay to keep my pico warm and cozy when we aren't there.

As you can see, this crate is not inviting. Dillan kept telling us, you guys I hate pink! But we just couldn't do anything about it until now.

EWWW. The Before.
The cozy after. Who doesn't want to sleep in there???

And the after, he's so comfortable in there, he can't wait to go inside.  But maybe the treat he gets for going in has something to do with that too.  Nah, it's definitely for da Bears.

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  1. Found your blog via Young House Love - I have just adopted a greyhound THIS WEEK! So you can imagine how excited I am to find a whole blog about one :) Dillan is adorable, and his crate looks very cosy - Smidgen would be jealous...


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