Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Dog's a Winner!

When people find out I have a Greyhound, they usually ask me what his racing career was like. To which I respond, "I don't know, but I think it was probably pretty good because he raced for about 2 years..."

Greyhound puppies are introduced to the track when they are about a year old, then they get to play around. If they show promise of being a strong racer, they continue training and usually begin racing around 2 and continue until their career starts to decline. The longest careers can last until the dog is about 5. If the dog is being studded then he might stick with the owner until he's 7 or 8 and I think it's the same for females.

Anyway, yesterday I decided it was high time to find my dog's racing scores. So I did what any normal human being would do and Googled "greyhound stats"...duh...and found this awesome site.  Then I entered Dillan's name, which is technically "BACS Dillanbrooks" and there he was!!

Isn't he handsome!
This site gives me the pedigree, stats, and racing scores of Dillan. He never got the chance to breed (which is a shame he would have been a great Dad), so there's no info in that section.  And I have no idea how to read the whole pedigree thing, but check it, that boy was a champ!

Bacs Dillanbooks has won the following races:
Race NameDateStadiumGradeDist m/yTimeBoxComment
VictoryLand 13 MAY 2010 HT A1 13 MAY 2010 VictoryLandGR D503 / 55031.581Box To Wire, Rail
Raynham/Taunton 02 August 2009 HT A6 2 AUG 2009 Raynham/TauntonGR TC302 / 33018.065Led every step ins
Raynham 29 July 2009 HT 29 JUL 2009 Raynham/TauntonGR TC302 / 33018.137

I immediately jumped up and gave him a victory hug!

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