Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I took some Photos

Warning: this post is not about Dillan. Dang, I just made it about him. Now you'll probably be thinking about Dillan through this whole post. But don't. It's okay. He won't be sad. He'll still love you...moving on

Am I a photographer? Errrrrr....I don't know. Let's not categorize things that way. 
I graduated with a Digital Media degree, so I'd say that I have a good knowledge of Photoshop. I had to take photos for lots of projects, including finished architectural projects for work, so I know how to control settings on my camera (mostly). But a professional, I think not.

I do have lots of fun taking pictures though. Recently I did a quicky engagement shoot for my sister and her fiance. Here are a few of my favorites.

Aren't they beautiful (people not pictures)?

So, if your sister graciously asks you to take photos of her for any occasion, here's a few things that a professional photographer could remember.
     1. Remember to focus...
     2. Remember to check your exposure...
     3. Don't be shy to boss them around. They feel awkward too...
     4. If you're photographing subjects for free make sure they buy you   coffee...or ice cream...or both.
     5. Going inside Hotel Roanoke is a waste of time. A pro would have a great flash and lighting to deal with the situation, I don't.

I loved spending time with them and watching their cutesy selves be in love and capturing some fun moments with them.

I had fun. They had fun. They got free photos. Everybody won. Except me, they didn't buy me coffee...just kidding. But seriously, coffee date at Christmas.

You two, I'm So EXCITED for your wedding and marriage!! I can't wait to celebrate with you!!! I love you guys!

If you're around East Tennessee, sure I'll take some pictures of you. But you're buying the coffee.

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