Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Warning

Part of the reason that I decided to start a blog was because I am terrible at keeping up with friends and family. I wanted to give them a way to stay updated with me and Nathan, and a way to do so on their own time. 

Part of the reason I decided to make this blog focused on my dog is that he has no idea it exists. He, to your disappointment I'm sure, does not know you exist, and probably doesn't care whether you visit this blog or not. I focus my posts more on him so that I don't become consumed with what  people I may have or have not ever met think about me, or my living space, or my clothes, etc., etc., etc. I know that I could easily get wrapped up in finding my worth through the number of followers I have, the number of comments on posts, and the number of daily readers, instead of where my worth and identity truly is, and that is in Christ.

All that to say, I still check my stats like crazy. Some people must love me on facebook because it is pretty much my biggest referencing source...
Other than that time I commented on Young House Love.
And then geeked out when Sherry responded on my comment, because SHE visited my blog.

 But I wanted give a general warning to bloggers on what I found out this morning. After reading that "" was a big traffic source, I decided to look into it.

All of these are viral links. So, don't click on them!

Anyway, happy Wednesday. How's the middle of your week?

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