Monday, January 9, 2012

The New Years goal + Dillan lies

So, I said that I would give updates on how I'm achieving my goals for 2012. 

I have been wearing perfume and lipstick (of sorts). Even if it is just some pink lipstain, I've added a bit of color to my lips every day. Admittedly I have not worn perfume today because I'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday, and yes, it still smells good...

I've been going through flash cards for the NCIDQ, which have made me feel terrible. I have really got to hammer down and super study. Flash cards are tough because I always feel like I know the answer, but I can't put it into words. Anyway, my goal is to go through the study book again by mid-Feb then take the practice tests and study my butt off til' March 30.

I'm still watching too much TV. I finished all of the "Gossip Girl" on Netflix and was at a loss for what to do with me life. Last night after accidentally drinking a caffeinated latte, I started watching Downton Abbey. At 12:30 I'd finished 3 episodes...dang.  I also got into "Sherlock" but there's only 3 episodes on Netflix right now, so...I pretty much did that on Saturday. Does my life sound awesome????!

I've been pretty diligent about putting my clothes away at the end of the day! Woot, I know my mom is proud. It only took 25.5 years! (p.s. mom, I made the bed twice this weekend :)

Now, as far as "being healthier" goes, Nathan and I signed up for My Fitness Pal which is awesome at keeping track of calorie intake and such. So far, we've both lost a bit, and I think just feel better in general. There are awesome stories of people losing hundreds of pounds! It's pretty great.

And here's a Dillan pic. He's been doing this thing where he covers his nose with his paw. He's cute.

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