Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year

2011 was a super year. Nothing extraordinary happened, but there were some pretty awesome family events.

- My niece was born, who's pretty much the most squeezable baby in the world. 
- My sister got engaged, and I'm super excited to celebrate with them in just 6 short months (what?!?). 
- And our family acquired Dillan. 

I expect 2012 to be nothing short of awesome too. To help that along, I've set a few "goals" for 2012.

- Watch less TV.
   - and if I am watching, do it while doing something else, i.e. exercising or knitting.
- Wear perfume. (why have it if I don't, my favorite is "So Pink" by GAP.)
- Wear lipstick. I'm 25 it's about time.
- Pass the NCIDQ (hopefully this march!)
- Be a better blogger.
   - social with other blogs (commenting, etc.)
   - remember camera
   - be more personal
- Take better care of my body
   - eat better
   - exercise at least 3 times a week
   - remember posture
   - conscious of the products I use, where I buy 
- Education
   - read more 
   - study the Bible more (right now studying Daniel)
   - prayer
   - research what interests me
- Be a better steward
   - I've been blessed financially. We don't have everything, but every month we can pay bills and buy groceries and still go out a few times. Instead of going to a movie, how about we save that $20. Instead of convincing myself that I need new clothes, how about going through my closet and donating what I don't wear and reworking for some new outfits. There are so many ways to be financially responsible. 
- Tidyness
   - put clothes away instead of on the floor...
   - remember that thing dusting???
   - the Dining table is not a shelf for everything I'm not using at the moment.
- Love Nathan better
   - serve him
   - pray for him daily
   - greet him when he gets home

Well, that is quite a list. I'm sure that I could keep adding and adding to it, but I've got to stop somewhere. 

To keep myself accountable, I want to share with you how I'm striving to meet these goals. Woot! Welcome 2012!

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