Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Way the Dill Pico Lies (ongoing series)

Dillan pretty much sleeps all day and all night. He's very excited to get up and go outside and eat, but then he is overcome with exhaustion and goes back to sleep. He comes upstairs with me when i get ready for work, but lays on his fluffy pillow the whole time. When I leave in the morning he follows me downstairs just to switch to his downstairs pillow (spoiled?). He's crated when Nathan leaves, so he sleeps in there. Then when i get home we go for a little stroll outside and eat dinner, and then he sleeps. There's about an hour gap in there when he'll play or be really needy for some ear scratches. But mostly, he sleeps.

This one was taken during his 8-9 p.m. nap.

Also, I had to nip the who rhyming thing in the title for English's sake. Could. Not. Handle. Bad. Grammar. 

p.s. I know writing that will make you work extra hard to find all my grammatical errors. Leave a comment if you can find any!
Challenge Accepted!

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