Monday, December 12, 2011

Dillan Shreds and so does Nathan

Dillan has been doing his best the past few days to prove he is a puppy.  Nope, not a 4.5 year old retired racing dog, but in fact a puppy.  

I have been doing little the past few days to discourage this.  Here are the results:

Shredded Tube (out of the empty aluminum foil box)...

This tube ended up in slobbery pieces on the carpet. And I knew it would. So I took it away. I know, no fun mom. That's me. 

Shredded Duck.
We weren't even sure if he liked the Duck. But a few days ago he decided he really liked the rope tail. Seriously, he sat down and worked, and in about 5 minutes he had sawn the tail in half.

The damage done. Tail halved.

Still chewing the tail.

Oh yeah, what's that?
 Nathan has also been doing his fair share of shredding.

Check out his bands cover of "Carol of the Bells" to put you in the Christmas Spirit. And while you're there go ahead and like them on facebook!

Face Melting Carol of the Bells

Happy Monday. What are your puppies shredding?


  1. So silly! My (parents) dogs Maggie and Chloe rip up toys like this too! Little do they know how expensive those toys can get! We should have a puppy play date during Christmas!

  2. Michelle, Tess is our shredder. CW and look at dog toys and take bets as to how long it will take her to "kill and destroy"...:). Hugh, on the other hand, will carry around the same toy for day/weeks...until Tess gets her chubby paws on it.

    Dawn P.


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