Friday, December 30, 2011


If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm kind of crazy about my dog. I wouldn't mind having another greyhound so Dillan would have some company while we're gone, but our resources (small apt., no yard, time/monetary limitations, etc) prevent us from expanding our family to include another puppy.  Also, Dillan really does seem quite content being the object of our affection.

But look at who I found!!! Dillan's twin, who happens to go by the name Dylan! Can you believe it, they are  identical even down to their name!

Nathan, can we have him?!?


Dylan as we are calling this handsome boy is 3 years old.  He has tested cat and small dog friendly and seems to love everyone.
Dylan  is currently settling into foster care and will let us know his likes and dislikes.  He has excellent house manners and crates well.  No need to mention what a sweet boy he is as one look into those eyes and you can see the sweetness just flowing.
Fostered by Mike & Randall in the Tri Cities area
Small Animal Friendly:  Yes
Status:  Available"

Compared to our puppy:

Same spots and freckles. Oh, they must become brothers!


  1. That's how we ended up adding Joe to our family. I saw him online and he looked so much like Shinta that I felt they just had to be brothers. They love running & playing together and are very much "brothers", if not by blood, by the bond that they have for one another. I think you guys should "go for it" and see if you can adopt Dylan to be Dillan's brother :-)

  2. oh my god they are total twins! That's crazy. We feel exactly the same - would love to get a little pal to keep Smidgen company when she's alone and give her a little more confidence when we're out and about (she's a shy little pup), but until we have a bigger house with a garden it's just not realistic. Doesn't stop us from looking though...


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