Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hunger Strike

Last night I made this tasty soup.  It's really easy and super tasty, and with the hubs out of town it will make an easy microwavable dinner for me. He might be a little sad that I made it without him.

source again
Anyway, so this recipe includes a rotisserie chicken. As any good dog mom I gave Dillan some chicken as I was shredding it into the soup. I try to sometimes only put his treats in his dog bowl so that he doesn't beg. Because Dillan's first experience with living with people, aka being spoiled, was with us he hasn't really figured out things like begging and lounging on furniture. And we'd like to keep it that way.

Well the second I brought groceries in, Dillan was there sniffing the chicken, knowing there was some good stuff in the bags. I gave him his normal helping of dog food and placed a little chicken on top. He grabbed the chicken and took it to the living room to inhale.

He came back in the kitchen and stared at me.

I resisted.

He stared at me.

I turned my back and continued to shred chicken.

He stared.

I cried. 

He stared.

I gave in, giving him all of the chicken skin.  He pretty much swallowed it whole. 

And we played the staring game again until I was finished with the soup and went to eat my supper.

On my route to the table I passed dillan's dog bowl still completely filled with dry dog food. Meaning he hadn't touched the stuff. 

He is on a hunger strike until he gets more rotisserie chicken...

I must stay strong!

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  1. Too funny! And he may keep from eating the dry food for awhile. I had this happen with one of my dogs and he held out for like a day and a half!

    Also, is this the recipe Amber made? It looks SO good!


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