Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I used to be a soccer player

I grew up playing soccer pretty much year round. Especially in high school. Travel, indoor, school...

Then I got to college and played intramural soccer or just a friendly game with friends.

But sadly, my soccer days are over, and I had one last nostalgic item that kept me hanging on to those past days of soccer glory...My Adidas Sambas. Oh, the sambas. How I loved thee. Let me count the ways,
   1. If you have Sambas you understand.
   2. If you don't you won't.
   3. That's pretty much it.

Aren't they beautiful?

Why am I taking this walk down memory lane? Well, the shoes have to be retired (trashed). Wah!!! After months of dodging puppy poo (our apartments have about 10 other dogs) I finally stepped right into a landmine, and what was I wearing, my beloved Adidas Sambas.

I've had those babies since 7th or 8th grade! I bought a boy size (because they don't make awesome soccer shoes for girls...) And they've fit for what, 12 or 13 years! Well, Dad, it looks like you definitely got your money's worth from that investment.

And I wore them almost every shift of my short hostessing job at Carrabbas. Forget unsupportive and uncomfortable black flats! You better believe I sharpied in those 3 majestic white lines!

Anyway, RIP Sambas. You were good to me.

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  1. Oh that's SAD! Dad definitely got his money worth when he bought those shoes for both of us - I think I've had mine since around 1994 or so?? RIP sweet shoes :(


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