Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sir, I believe you are Mistaken...

For some odd reason, people commonly mistake Dillan for an "Italian Greyhound."  In my pride I want to say, "actually, he's the real deal. Full blown Greyhound." But I don't. I accept the fact that the people on our walks are at least complimenting Dillan on his extreme good looks and move on. 

However, that doesn't mean that I can't help you guys understand. 

don't have a source... : (
Greyhound = big guy in the back

Whippet = medium guy in the middle

Italian = little guy in the front 

So you see, there's a big difference between a teeny Italian Greyhound and a Greyhound. I guess "Italian Greyhound" sounds fancier, and Dillan is a very fancy dog. I mean all he needs is a bowtie.

(note to self, buy Dillan a bowtie) 
(note to self, buy Dillan a top hat) 

 What do you guys think? I'm thinking super classy.

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