Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

I've been following The Daybook Blog for a while now. Sydney writes on most Thursdays about things in the past week that have been both awkward and awesome. After a few experiences this weekend, I can think of no better way to share them with you than with an awkward/awesome post. 

Disclaimer: mine will not include an outfit; however, it will include this wonderful photo I found of Nathan and myself at our graduation party 4 years ago. 


- using the restroom in the mall and choosing the stall with no toilet paper.  Knowing there's someone in the next stall "could you please hand me some toilet paper?" as I wave my arm under the stall. 
No response.
A little louder because I know there's a mom out there changing a diaper, "excuse me could you please hand me some toilet paper?" 
No response. Not even a "just a minute".
New feet patter, "excuse me, could you please hand me some toilet paper?" 
"Yeah I'll be right back." 
Thank you helpful janitor lady.

- Going to my local Sephora to check out all the NARS products that everyone seems to love. 
Consultant: "Can I help you find anything"
Me: "Where's the NARS counter?"
Consultant: "This way. Are you looking for anything in particular?"
Me: "Blush"
Consultant: "Do you know the color"
Me: <inner turmoil> "Orgasm"  and then cue the natural blush.

- Feeling super pumped at buying some black oxford shoes at Forever21 for 10 bucks only to have the finish rub off on the toe within hours.

- Husband recording new music. And then the look on his face when I surprised him by showing up last night. It was a good surprise.

- Husband helping out with house tidying because I'm overwhelmed at keeping up with everything and cramming for the big exam in a few weeks.

- Taking a much needed mini-vacation this weekend with Nathan. Including rock concert with MUTEMATH and tasty food and coffee in Asheville. 

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  1. LOL to the first half, hooray to the second!


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