Monday, March 26, 2012

A band Wife

If someone were to ask me what the hardest job I've ever had was, I'd have to say that it is being a band wife. 
- even with the 15 hour exam looming over my weekend...

Then they might ask why I said a band wife and not just a wife. Well I'm sure that every wife experiences something similar to this, but I think it might be more difficult for those of us with husbands in the music industry. 

For one, Nathan is always "music-ing". Stretches of silence, for example, when we are walking, automatically indicate that he is working out some new song in his head. Occasionally he might break out his phone to refresh something he worked on the night before and we'll walk and he'll work it out. This isn't so much a problem, just a detail that took a while to adjust to. 

Also, my first priority is to support him. Of course it is. Again, no different for most wives out there. The main difference is that he puts in the hours of a full-time job working on the band and his music without receiving any of the payback. And that gets old. I get it, it's a cut-throat industry, and not everyone gets a "break" but my main prayer is that God would bless his hard work and let him be able to do music professionally and have that sustain us financially. 

Band problems... need I say more. I'm pretty much going to always side with my husband, and always have an opinion about what should be done or said, but I can't say anything directly. Only to nathan, who might then voice some of that to the others. Truthfully, i don't have influence over the band, but what they do always affects me too. It's almost surreal sometimes how directly their decisions influence me, but I don't have a vote. Nathan always hears me out, but from the outside. It's a totally other entity. It's a weird concept that I still struggle with often, how I'm not a major part of this major part of Nathan's life. 

My job as a wife is a helper, so that's what I try to do best. And since the band is a major part of my husband's life, I help the band too. Hi, I'm a merch girl. This has a major pro/con aspect. Pro: I get to be directly involved in helping the band, which as I mentioned above, is something I really want to do. Con: I don't always get to partake in the actual show that is happening. I'm very thankful for the guys who have stepped in to relieve me of merch duty the past few shows so that I can watch nate do what he loves. Head bang. But seriously, he loves for putting on shows. 

Now I'm thinking about "School of Rock".

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