Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Pinch Me

This past Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, the holiday American's have claimed for their own as an excuse to run to every bar, drink as much as they can, because "hey, it's what the Irish would do" and then can spend the next day guilt free with their only worry for whatever occurred during the previous night of debauchery in the form of a massive hangover. 

Americans celebrate further by assaulting strangers passing by with a "pinch" because they are not wearing green. I wore green shoes. Well for the first half of the day. Then I took a shower and lost all reference for the importance of wardrobe choice for the day. I put on jeans, a tan shirt and orange sandals. Orange is in the Irish flag, really I should have been okay.
A few weeks ago Nathan, Dillan and I bunkered down at his parents house, complete with basement, for what was supposed to be an impending tornado. Nathan's mom returned from the store with holiday puppy accessories.

Dillan wore a headband.

Oliver wore a bow tie, but he was too excited for me to snap a photo. But don't worry, he loves to accessorize.
We're very proud, and a little surprised...
And don't forget Dillan's head piece and Oliver's other Seasonal Attire.

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