Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This exact same week 3 years ago, hubs and I were wondering around the streets of York, England. It was a day very similar to the one we're having today in East Tennessee. Blustery, low 50's, and totally clear sunny skies.

As I've mentioned, I have the wanderlust. And so does the husband. Every few days one of us mentions to the other how badly we need a vacation. Just a couple of days away from everyone else to explore a new city, or take a long drive. Hopefully, next weekend we will have that opportunity. We're taking a little hour long drive to Asheville, NC to see the band Mutemath for the third time. Then, perhaps staying overnight somewhere local to hang around and browse some shops and drink some local coffee and brews before heading back Monday night. I am very excited. 

But next weekend still feels very far away, so I'm perusing my old photos from our UK trip to try and squelch my desire to travel. I doubt it will work.

at Edinburgh Castle. I told Nathan to do a "pointing" picture. I regret that...husband you're ruining the view.

The grass is that green. Everywhere.

The York Minster. Way Far more impressive than Westminster Abbey. We stayed for an evensong, which was a beautiful experience.

York Minster. Awe inspiring ancient stained glass.

Hello cute little London cabs.

Dublin at about 5 a.m. We were the only ones out.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. We were sitting on a bench eating the most delicious fish and chips. Seriously, I get the fish and chips obsession. It was truly delicious. The only bad part was we Americans didn't understand the Dublin portion size and we both ate about half of our cod and chips.

This is the only picture I took of Stonehenge. I experienced nothing magical. I was more impressed by the sheep. I love sheep.

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