Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Concert Evolution

Sunday night, Nate and I traveled a little ways south to see MuteMath at the Orange peel in Asheville, NC. This was the 3rd time that we'd seen them play, and they did not disappoint. These guys are the essence of performers. 

But about half way into the show, I noticed half the crowd was filming with their cameras or more often, their phones. With no regard to the 10 or so signs demanding "no filming, flash photography" etc these onlookers were apt and ready to get "the shot". Not the perfect picture that the band is going to use in all of their upcoming promo material, but the perfect picture to share. The video that will impress their friends. The picture that will show facebook and twitter the glory that is Mutemath performing live. 

I even tried once to get a phone photo, my camera is terrible on my phone. My sole motive was to get something to share here. But I didn't. And I realized that is far better.

I don't want to experience one of my favorite bands through a tiny 2" x 2" screen. I don't want to go away from a great show thinking "none of pictures will turn out" and then realize that the only images I have stored in my brain are the blurry blown out images scrolling by on my camera.

But even more so, I don't want to experience life through a lens. We brought Dillan back a delicious looking donut-shaped puppy treat from a little shop in Asheville, and Dillan ate it when I went out to the store for about 5 minutes. And I was so disappointed that I did not have any pictures to show you my of dog enjoying a treat.

But I can't live waiting for the next great event. The next stage to share. The next great story. I'm in the middle of it. Nathan and I are so antsy to get to the next stage in life, to have better funds, for his band to be more successful, new car, new house, on and on. But we are in a great story now. Things are happening, the Lord is providing in ways that we can't see or comprehend. Instead of being impatient and anxious to get started in "life" I want to live it now. Savoring moments as they happen for exactly what they are, because they will not last. To be totally content in where He has me now, and totally content with not knowing where He'll have me in the future.

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