Monday, April 23, 2012

For my Sister

I traveled to my parents last weekend to help throw my little sister a bridal shower. Instead of finding something off her registry, which I did peruse anyway, I wanted to give her something a little more personal and sweet.

Blank printed sheet
After seeing a free download link to Love vs. Design's free printable page, via How about Orange, I knew that I wanted to write out recipe cards for Laura.

filling them in.
It was a super easy thing. Just print out the cards and write in the recipes. I was stoked to find so many of the people who attended her shower wanted to participate too. Now she has a box 1/6 (maybe?) full of family recipes. So exciting.

I even wrote out some fun cooking quotes on the divider cards. 

Oh, MFK Fisher, you know me.

All in all, it was super successful. I think I ended up with almost 70 recipes. And they all seemed simple enough for a new cook to do!

Be bold Laura, keep trying new things! That's the only way that I learned to cook and feel confident! And remember, if all else fails.


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