Thursday, April 12, 2012

Side Seat Driver

So, Dillan stayed the weekend at my in-laws a couple of weeks ago. Nathan had to drive over separately to drop off the crate and other pico supplies because my car was already packed full with all of our bags and my gigantic drafting board that could only fit in my back seat. 

This created the, "how to get the dog over to the in-laws" problem. He's kind of big, but my drafting board was bigger, so we had to try the drive over with Dillan in the front seat. 

Poor guy, he was so confused. And squished into the bucket seat. I told him to go "down" and he kept trying. Slowly spinning in the seat, but his paws couldn't catch traction on the slippery sloped seats, and he'd get freaked out by the slipping and stay standing up. (gosh that's a lot of s'). Finally I was able to guide his butt down with my hands, and this is the result.

Yes, Butt squatting down on the seat.

Front paws down in the floor board. I couldn't get pictures to thoroughly communicate how hilarious this was.

Dillan didn't seem to mind. Just enjoying the view.

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