Monday, April 16, 2012


Usually I'm not the kind of working gal that dreads mondays. It's just another day of the week, and the way it starts can set the tone for the next 5 days.

My Monday morning was not a success.

I woke up dazed. One of those mornings where I have to just sit under a quilt and eat buttered muffins while watching the today show for 40 minutes. Yes, it took me 40 minutes to wake up. Also, I got sucked into the whole 'Brangelina' is engaged thing and her 6 carat ring...

That's where vanity gets me...late.

So after wasting 40 minutes on television, I finally started to get ready. This includes packing a lunch for myself and Nathan. 

After pulling out the giant dutch oven, that I'd made a tasty beef and pepper soup in last week, thinking "oh, that will be a great lunch!" I noticed that there was also a poor sad dying little aloe plant that I'd accidentally left out in the frost for 2 days. Poor sad little aloe plant, let me put you in the window sill.

PLOP, into the soup my aloe plant goes, sealing both their fates. 

RAGE runs through my veins as I proceed to slam every door and drawer in a scrambling effort to find myself something to take for lunch. I found blueberries...

HOPE enters for a split second while I think I can just scoop out the dirt with a spoon.

MORE RAGE as I realize that I cannot simply scoop out the dirt. Dirt has fertilizer in it, and I don't want to eat poop soup.

So, I'll spend my lunch driving around town probably ending up at a chic-fil-a. Which really isn't so bad after all.

Hope you all had a better morning.

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