Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Treats

The past three times that I've made these puppy treats, we've gone half way through the batch and noticed that the bottom half have turned green with fuzzy mold. 


So, I've decided to either try a few new treat recipes, or to just make a half batch. 

But for now, we are out of treats. Well sort of. We've been giving dillan mini "greenies" when he goes into his crate. But those little guys are expensive, and probably not great for Dillan to have so often. So, after getting a random coupon for them during check-out at Kroger, I decided to try these Beneful Baked Delights Snackers.

Aren't they cute?!? Little apples and peas and carrots!!! I decided to try the apple and peanut butter flavor, although they have several other varieties.

Dillan took them out for a trial run last night.

Which resulted in grossness of crumbs and slobber on the rug.

But, I decided to look into any other coupon opportunities because nothing makes me happier than thinking that I've saved money. See also, here.

So, I found a $2 off printable coupon here. Just "like" on facebook and click to print your coupon. Also, it's for "National Hug your Dog Day". Cue the "awww".

Then Target has an additional .75 off coupon. So save extra there!

Hooray, save money! Go forth and enjoy your puppy treats, and then give your dog a hug!

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