Monday, April 2, 2012

Phew and Review

16 hours in the exam room and 11 in the car and I'm back to normal life.

I'm so thankful to have the exam behind me and I feel pretty confident that I passed, so hopefully my results (not received until June) will reflect that as well.

Now I'm excited to relax and spend what's left of spring and all of summer doing all those other things I want to do.

The highlight of our trip to Nashville (other than finishing the exam) was definitely going out Friday night with friends to get A Pharmacy Burger and some much anticipated Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

I got the Mission Burger which was deliciously topped with black beans, pico de gayo, guacamole, and a spicy aioli sauce. Where I took this terrible photo. 

Then on to the Ice Cream. We were warned that the line might wrap around the building, but it was pretty tame when we arrived. And there was no way I was about to let a "line" dampen my spirits.

I tried the Goat Cheese with Cognac Figs first.  It was really super tasty. I mean, rich and creamy with the tartness of goatcheese and sweetness of figs. But one sample and I was done. Seriously, it was that rich.

I then moved on to the Wildberry Lavendar sample. Immediately I knew it was the one I wanted. And even though the sign says that I would be more than welcome to sample absolutely every flavor, I was settled.

I got a bottom scoop of Pistachio Honey and a top scoop of Wildberry Lavendar. Absolutely the best.

On Saturday we ordered a pizza and then went back to Jeni's, where I tried a few more I'd forgotten about. The Salty Caramel was very salty. The Black Coffee tastes like pure coffee beans with a bit of cream. And the Reisling Poached Pear Sorbet was good, but I needed some heavy cream more than a light sorbet after 9 hours in a classroom. The last flavor I tried after I'd ordered, which I somewhat regretted because it was very very good. The White House Cherry is a limited edition flavor with pistachios and cherries. I got a bottom scoop of that and topped it with the Pistachio and Honey flavor again. Pistachio and Honey is definitely my favorite.

Hi, I'm Michelle, and I'm an ice cream lover.

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