Monday, May 14, 2012

Do the Dillans have large Talons?

Napoleon Dynamite: Do the chickens have large talons?
Farmer: Do they have what?
Napoleon Dynamite: Large talons.
Farmer: I don't understand a word you just said.

Dillan has some serious nail issues going on. As in, Does the Dillan have large talons? Yes Napoleon, yes he does.

And it's mostly my fault. For some reason, I have just been very busy lately and haven't taken much time to take the dog out on a proper walk.
So his nails have grown into this monstrosity:

They are freakishly long. Usually walks help keep them filed down, but the lack of walks have resulted in nails probably an inch long. 

I read that your greyhounds nails are too long if you can't slide a piece of paper under them while the dog is standing. I haven't tried this test, but I'm positive we'd fail.

I tried the Drimmel thing a few months ago. Ya know, the one where you file the nails with sandpaper on the end of a drimmel tool. We worked on one nail for about five minutes. I couldn't tell any difference.

It looks like I'll be investing in some clippers soon. but it scares me a bit. 

Have you had success in clipping your dogs nails? Any horror stories?


  1. Hey Michelle! I didn't realize you had a blog! I love how creative this is! I don't know much about clipping dog's nails, and someone out there might have a problem with this, but I wonder if letting him run around on some cement for a while might help? Like an empty parking lot? Ha I might be the worst person to give dog advice...
    Thanks for commenting on my motherhood series...While I was writing I realized that most of everything I was saying applied to anyone, not just moms, so I'm glad you reaffirmed that thought! and yes, I totally bought those mugs literally seconds after you pinned them :) They were on sale! How could I not?!

    1. Thanks for following Allison!
      Your posts last week were great, I'm marking all the books and verses you referenced for the day when i might be expecting!


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